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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Brother Sushi gets hitched!

I drove two hours on icy roads to get there. And two more to come home. Best possible use of my day.

I am so happy for them. He's a good man. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I should have taken pictures of the food. Her family took care of everything but the cake. His aunt made the cake. It was all very simple, and perfectly wonderful. Caprese on a stick, for one thing: little bamboo swords strung with grape tomatoes, basil leaves, and tiny mozzarella balls. The bamboo swords are available at the restaurant supply place just down the road. (Chutzpah and Grace with swords = scary!) This may be my next contribution to a potluck dinner.

The cake had three layers: chocolate cherry, vanilla something, and mango. The mango was the top layer, and had smaller slices, so that's what I went for. It did not disappoint. I need to email him and ask him to have his aunt forward the recipe.

So I came home thoroughly happy and utterly wiped out. (Beloved made a brief appearance at my side during the opening song. The man likes weddings.) Had a little snack and went to bed. Woke up seven hours later.

There will obviously be no further work on the kitchen until tomorrow or later in the week. But I am without excuse if I don't study the Relief Society lesson and the Sunday school lesson. And I will probably get the February quilt block stitched up sometime today.

I've taken my Metformin, three hours late. And I'm a little hungry again, so will grab another small snack and go back to bed.

Yeah. I know. But it's perfect sleeping weather, even without Beloved sharing the bed.

I do miss that man.

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