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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girls, I found your great-grandfather’s Swedish name!

Your dad did the temple work for his father the day after he went to the temple for himself. I would have to log back in to find out when he did the work for your Grandma B’s father, whom we only knew by his American name.

Somebody entered his Swedish name into the system. Tonight I was playing, and I connected the dots. And got a little sniffly, even though technically speaking I suppose I am no longer part of that family, at least from the world’s point of view. You girls still are, and we’ll sort out all the technical and ecclesiastical details in the Millenium, or in the eternities.

If you go to the new family research website and enter your membership number and confirmation date [Firstborn and Secondborn, I know both your stakes are “live” with the new program], and link to me if you’re not already, then follow it back through your dad's mom, you’ll find a different name than we had in your dad’s book of remembrance. I didn’t follow it back to see how far it goes; I was too busy following my dad’s paternal line back to 1660!

My book of remembrance is still packed in a box; if one of you has a death date for my Aunt M, please email it to me. Her temple work is yet to be done, and her son is dead. And we have ward temple night this Friday night, so I might be able to get it done this week, if you can help me out with that detail.

I entered some husbandly names for two of you and will let y’all flesh in the details. Also put in names and dates for the Bitties. Secondborn, I put down the same county for both of them, because the second birthing center is in a town with two counties, and the way that you tell is by the area code.

I know this might as well be Sanskrit for the non-LDS among you. If you want an explanation, I’ll be happy to give you the Gospel According to Lynn or refer you to official websites.

OK, something now for the knitters. I bound off the first sleeve on the train yesterday morning and stitched it up halfway.

And at lunch I measured myself [discreetly, with my back to the door] and then the fronts and back of the Noro Kimono, to determine how wide the side gussets needed to be. Here’s the first one, at the point where I ran out of yarn as the train pulled into the station last night. As you can see, I’m roughly halfway to the armscye.

I have one ball left and one unwound skein. Should be just enough to finish the job.

I got so caught up in genealogy that I almost forgot to run to the store that had carrot sticks for $.98 a pound, and strawberries for $1.47. So out I went at 10:14 like a crazy woman, between two rain showers. I got a good deal on half a gallon of milk, too. Since I had that one gallon that went sour before I could finish it, I’ve been choosing to spend more per ounce and get it a half gallon at a time.

Happy would-have-been-your 103rd birthday, Dad!


Jenni said...

I did remember that it is grandpa's birthday today. It made me smile.

Bonnie said...

I kept the email you sent me about your Aunt M, from when she passed. I forwarded the information back to you. I'll log into the new family search site and see how I can update it.

gwtreece said...

Congrats on all the wonderful Genelogy finds. I am so lucky that my parents have done so much of it. I really need to put down the sticks and starting working on hubbies family.