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Friday, July 18, 2008

Something of a falling-down in the caffeinated soda department

Maybe just a falling-down in general.

I got through two whole weeks without needing or wanting a Cherry Coke. And then I stayed up past midnight on Tuesday night, finding dead relatives [as a friend once said, dead folks are easier to get along with than live ones; I will add, and sometimes more exciting], folding socks from Monday night’s washfest, and waiting for the buzz of finding the girls’ great-grandfather to wear off.

Which is why I found myself rolling into bed at 12:32, with the alarm set for 4:45, knowing that Wednesday would be Cherry Coke Day, in spades. After spilling half of my water bottle on the carpet at my desk [miraculously avoiding my red leather tote, my camera, my cell phone, and my knitting], I picked up a 20-oz bottle during my morning break. And a Hershey Special Dark, just in case.

Wednesday night was not much better. I was tired all day yesterday and polished off the rest of the Cherry Coke and alternated between jitters and grogginess.

I honestly can’t tell you how last night’s presentation went. My best friend told me that she enjoyed it. She is also the sort of woman who cannot tell a lie, so I am somewhat reassured. And another woman I know told me much the same. But I could tell from the faces of others that we were not connecting. I am not ordinarily the sort of woman who beats herself up over things, and so I am going to put this on the shelf for a few days and then talk it over with Heaven when I have caught up on my sleep.

Today is the first payday where the reality of no longer being head of household meets up with long-standing debits for car insurance and renter’s insurance and shakes hands with all the other bills that are waiting for a turn. And I get to go give my perky “Day in the Life” presentation to half of the attorneys and repeat that for the other half, next Friday.

I would rather be home, knitting. I am going nowhere after work tonight, and there may be brownie baking involved. I am hoping to snag some of 2BDH’s time this weekend, to go over my budget and see where we can build in a little more ease.

I also ran into the children’s father’s home teacher before the meeting last night and gave him the Readers Digest version, which I repeated to the Relief Society president during the refreshments portion of the evening. They will put the bishop into the loop. I don’t know if I did the right thing, but something had to be done, and we seem momentarily incapable of getting together for a family council. Girls, please check your email.

On the other hand, I am nearly done with the second sleeve on the Noro Kimono. [And a young woman in one of the classes asked, “Are you Secondborn’s mom? I read your blog!”] Much happy knitting last night, in the classes that I was not teaching. Maybe I would feel that my own presentation went better if I had talked to them over my knitting?

Oh well, it’s over, and I gave it what I hope was my best shot. I’m going to pop some popcorn while the tub fills, and then I’m going to drive like a bat out of Houston for the park and ride and let somebody else be in charge for awhile.

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