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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ahead of the Storm

Middlest and I did not stay long at Knit Night. And neither of us accomplished much in the way of knitting or browsing, though it was lovely to see our friends. About 8:15, if I remember correctly, we were both just suddenly wiped out, so we said our goodbyes, and I took her home. I also wanted to get home before the storm moved through.

The pyrotechnics were breathtaking. Whole sections of the sky lit up with what I think was sheet lightning, and the occasional brilliant bolt arcing up from earth to the heavens. About two miles east of the house, I started getting spatters on the windshield, but when I turned off the freeway for my neighborhood, there was only the occasional splat. I was able to get the recycling and trash bins back in place without having to wring myself out afterward.

I see that our neighbors in Oklahoma were not so lucky: tornadoes between here and Oklahoma City, and eight dead so far. How sad for their families.

I cannot think of a graceful jump from that news to yarn, so I will tell you about my trip to the dentist yesterday. I like the hygienist. [I like everybody in his office.] She is always learning something new to bless the patients. Yesterday she screened me for oral cancer. She also did a brief massage of my neck and jaw [checking, I suppose, for TMJ while she was at it] that felt marvelous; she could have continued that all day. My teeth feel happy and clean.


When I was sitting on the couch yesterday morning, before I had anything to eat or drink, I felt something not-quite-right in the vicinity of my crowns. Not exactly a toothache, and I couldn’t tell if it was something in the gum or in the bone. Just -- something; rather like those whispers of intuition or inspiration you get from time to time, telling you to pay attention. So I told her about it, and when she was checking along the gumline, she found a softer spot, right there between the crowns. And we did an X-ray, and there is the start of a cavity.

So they will be replacing one of my crowns with an all-porcelain crown; they are checking into the cost, to see how much insurance will cover. I told them I couldn’t do anything until I get my bonus in April, and the dentist said it could certainly wait until then. I am hoping not to have to postpone new glasses for another year, and I am hoping not to have to cancel the romp I have budgeted at the Brooks Farm booth at the DFW Fiber Fest in April. But this is something that needs to be taken care of soon, to avoid an abscess or a root canal.

Both of which would seriously interfere with my knitting time and budget.

There’s my segue to a happy topic. I did allow myself one small splurge yesterday with the premium refund. I called the Shabby Sheep on my drive into Dallas, to ask if they carried Kureyon Sock, and they do. She helpfully added that they also carry Silk Garden Sock, and it was a tough decision, folks. But I thought my foray into entrelac ought to be with a yarn that doesn’t grow after washing, and we know how silk is.

If I get both heels turned on the January Mystery Socks by this weekend, and I finish Brother Sushi’s cowl, I will cast on for the February Mystery Socks, or more properly the entrelac option, which is a mystery all on its own. I will wait until then to photograph the yarn. Suffice it to say that it is mostly smoky purples, with lots of grey and the odd jolt of acid green, color S188. [I have to say that what their website shows, is nothing like what my eyes are seeing atop the printer as I type.]

I put exactly one row on the Clapotis en Soie last night. And I hauled out Brother Sushi’s Morningside cowl to show off the yarn, but worked not one stitch. Since I woke an hour and a half ahead of the alarm this morning, I’m going to see how much progress I can make on the heel flap on the second sock before I have to start acting like a responsible grownup and get ready for work.

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Jenni said...

I like purple. You should make me socks out of that whatever it is that you just bought. Although I am sure I just killed those chances by not knowing the proper terms for that stuff!