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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Since *I’m* not doing any kissing...

Thought I would share this gem from MovieMom:

Though I cannot imagine why she chose Jess rather than Dean. Just sayin’.

Had a great visit with BestFriend yesterday. And then we picked her hubby up from the gun show and ate lunch at Drew’s, a place that Trainman told me about, the place where Brother Sushi and I tried to have dinner several months ago, but the very nice woman was standing on the steps, telling people they were closed because they had run out of food.

What did I have yesterday? Smothered pork chop, the most tender I have ever eaten; collard greens [a first: I much prefer spinach, but have not yet relegated collard greens to the calamari (I’ve eaten them once and don’t ever have to eat them again) category; mashed potatoes in cream gravy; one small perfect corn muffin. BestFriend and I split a slice of Italian cream cake for dessert.

And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I returned a call from Middlest, who had a gift card to our tribe’s favorite restaurant. Did I want to go to dinner with her? I did. [This is the one where LittleBit used to work, so it was a mite weird going in there after she had quit, but I got over it as soon as they brought us our queso.]

So I am feeling well-fed and cherished, although my kidneys are grumbling that we could have taken it a little easier with the salt.

Not much knitting yesterday. One small honey-do taken care of -- while the tub filled for my bath, I tidied up the bookcase in the hall, removing thesaurii, books on writing, and my Bartlett’s, which will go into one of the bookcases in my room.

All my cookbooks and foodie memoirs and culinary mysteries are now together. The middle shelf holds my German and French texts and one lonely English-Spanish dictionary. The bottom shelf is primarily Church-related, though all my BYU Women’s Conference volumes are in my room.

No cooking yesterday. None. I ran to the store and picked up deli sandwiches and potato salad and Valentine’s Day cookies and hung the bag on the doorknob at the missionaries’ apartment, as they were out teaching when I got there. They were just parking their car as I left.

I did save myself a single portion of the tater salad and a few of the cookies. That may be breakfast this morning, as I’m still not much minded to cook.

No other significant accomplishments yesterday. [Including no laundry, no haircut, and no grocery shopping.] Tomorrow I am going to park at the Richland Hills station and pick up two pizzas on the way home. Middlest and LittleBit are coming over, and I am bribing the latter to finish connecting the electronics in my living room, because I miss some of my DVD’s.

I would like to get another small box or two emptied today after church. Nothing so strenuous as to classify as “work”, just some continued visible progress around here. Maintaining relationships has been the most important thing I could have done this weekend, and I’m glad I made it a priority; it will also be the focus of the week ahead. Which leaves Wednesday night for haircut and laundry, both of which are approaching crisis proportions.

I did drop off the old stuff and pick up three new audiobooks at the library after lunch yesterday, when I was picking up dinner for the missionaries. I am a little over half done with a knitted Christmas ornament that I found in one of my boxes while looking for needles to cast on BestFriend’s socks. I gave her two balls of yarn for Christmas year before last; she’s calling my bluff :)

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