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Friday, February 13, 2009

Oops. And more oops.

Swatching is for sissies, right? On a whim, or maybe a hunch, I measured the circumference of Morningside, which is supposed to be 22” for a manly stand-up collar, and 24” for a ladylike swoony cowl.

Would you believe 27” on size 8 needles?

Good thing this is not supposed to be a Valentines Day present. I frogged it and cast on with the original size 6 needles and got all the way around the set-up round and halfway through round 1 before discovering that I had fouled up. Somewhere.

But it’s OK, and I’m OK, because I just read the insert in the protective sleeve for Trainman’s birthday card. It’s a Papyrus card, and the photography is © Everett Collection, Inc., while the concept is © Shirley Eujeste.

Say it out loud.

Waiting, waiting...

Those people will be getting more of my money.

I have about 5 grams more knitting to do in the increase section of the Clapotis en Soie. I very carefully slipped the yarn bra off the ball of yarn and weighed it: 8.5 grams. And the total remaining [with the yarn bra back on] is 94.5 grams. The label says 100 grams = 1100 yards. So if I knit 19 grams on the increase section and 19 grams on the decrease section, and 57 grams on the straightaway, in between, I should have a blissfully ginormous shawl/veil/parachute and about 5 grams of yarn [= 55 yards] leftover to make Christmas ornaments or doll clothes.

One project, officially going well.

I knit three or four rounds with two socks on two needles. I didn’t mind doing that when I was finishing up Anastasia, because I had had the foresight to divide the ball of yarn more or less in half. On this project, the socks are umbilically connected via a single ball of yarn, and one of the strands is getting so tightly wound that it reminds me of that one man I used to go to church with.

One project, going reasonably well. I may need to break the offending strand, wind off half of the remaining yarn, and rejoin it. At least then I could pop a rubber band onto the ball and let it dangle and untwist occasionally. [Unlike the brother I used to go to church with.]

Since my VT companion was unable to get us appointments until next Thursday night, and since I fiddled around and piddled around yesterday morning until I had to drive in to work, I drove over to the Shabby Sheep for some Thursday night knitting. Met a nice bunch of ladies and will go again sometime. Put one or two of those rounds I mentioned above, onto the January Mystery Socks while there, and two rows on the Clapotis en Soie. And then I drove home, fully intending to stop at Panda Express for some orange chicken, and inexplicably finding myself in the drive-up lane at Taco Cabana when I stopped pondering what might have gone wrong on Morningside. It is a little disconcerting to have my mouth all set for Chinese and find myself mainlining guacamole.

Some yarn may have followed me home. Did you know that if you are in the Dallas guild [I knew this, yet am not], you get a discount at the shop? Did you know that you get the same discount if you are a Shabby Sheeper on Ravelry? Which I have been since about 15 seconds after getting my invitation.

At least my black leather jacket made it home with me last night, along with most of my marbles.

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