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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beneficent Spiral

Clean laundry; mmm, what a sweet, subtle blessing. I did one load last night, between sprints to the store. I stopped at Target on the way home and picked up a pork tenderloin and a few other items. After taking my clean clothing home, I ran to Wal-Mart for things which they carry more cheaply. [I did compare their price on pork tenderloin to Target’s, and they were within pennies of one another.]

When my fridge gets this full, I start getting nervous. There is nothing in here that is past its prime. But it would be very easy to lose track of what I have and to start a ginormous bacteriology experiment.

I brought in the glass shelves to my bookcase, which have been riding around in the back footwell of Lorelai since Friday afternoon. They are now reposing on the living room couch. I am planning another cookfest for tomorrow night, and while the tenderloin is roasting and the meatloaf muffins are baking, I intend to move the bookcase into my room, polish the glass, and just generally make it feel at home. I spent a little time this morning, moving things around in my room, shredding some items and preparing to recycle others.

I also read several chapters in the current library book while watching my clothing somersault in the dryer. No To Kill a Mockingbird last night, and hardly any knitting yesterday, though I did knit enough to require another set of markers on the Clapotis en Soie.

I think it’s neat [pun intended] that one or two small activities or choices can expand into a streak of good stewardship over one’s possessions and one’s time. I saw those two organizational projects weekend before last, and last weekend the inspiration which they planted has blossomed here at the left of my desk.

My kitchen is hugely productive and relatively presentable. My fridge is full of possibilities. My living room is a little crowded right now because of the extra bookcase, but by the end of the week ~ I hope by tomorrow night ~ it will be ready to welcome company once more. With the majority of my dirty laundry out of the bathroom, that room is almost respectable. [I will probably head back to the laundromat on Thursday night and finish the job.]

Moving the tower bookcase out here to the living room, allowed me to recycle one large box and several small stationery boxes. One of these days I will have a scanner and will begin the process of turning paper into images and shredding the originals. My eventual goal is to condense three two-drawer file cabinets into one, or maybe none, one box or drawer at a time. And I can freecycle or use Craig’s list to get the cabinets, and the large marble slab that connects two of them to form a desk, someplace where they will be useful.

Direction is more important than speed. Though if I scoot right now, I can sort through a small stack of paperwork while the tub fills.

Knit Night tonight, huzzah!

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Kristen said...

I love clean clothes right off the line or out of the dryer too. One of my very favorite things in the world is clean sheets on the bed. Years ago I remember Oprah saying she loved clean sheets so much she had to have them changed every single day. I always wondered if she did it herself....