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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Seen Hereabouts

I have been meaning to take a picture of this tree for months. It’s near my friend Jill’s house.

And this porch is just a few blocks from my own. It’s especially pretty when lit up at night. That is a terra cotta dog, and not the real thing. I had to look twice, myself.

Fourthborn says my doll is paid for and should ship within the next two months. As I am famous [infamous?] for not delivering birthday gifts on time, i.e., buying/making ahead of need, wrapping, putting in a safe place, and finding it three years later, this timing on her part is no biggie.

When LittleBit was still little, I bought a LambChop puppet for her, wrapped it, found it I think in time for her eleventh birthday. [Correct me if I am wrong.] I have part of Fourthborn’s this-year present here at the house. I just looked for it, and found it within a minute and a half. Whether the same holds true in October, is anybody’s guess.

I liked Spidey1. I thought the casting was excellent. Tobey Maguire makes a more convincing high school senior than Travolta did as Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter. The DVD came with a bonus disk, and I listened to most of that. I don’t always watch the bonus tracks, but sometimes they make good background noise for knitting. Of which there was a lot. The sleaves are nearly finished.

I also watched Spidey2 and liked it. Both of them excellent fairy tales, full of choices, consequences, and accountability. I liked that Doc Ock chose not to die a monster. [I have minimal faith in deathbed repentance, but that’s a discussion for another day.]

I stayed home until around 9:00pm, when I dashed out for a quick snack and to mail off a couple of bills and watch the fireworks. A lovely, restful, productive day; just what the NotDocOck ordered.

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Lynn said...

Obviously have been spending too much time chez Ravelled this weekend, otherwise I'd have caught that "sleaves" toward the end of the post.