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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Livin’ on Bread, Vitamin C, and Rogaine...

[Because I was halfway to tearing out my hair, here in Texas.] And with apologies to The Grateful Dead.

I may have whined about all the neat stuff that I get to do this week, while the data clerk and the scanning operator are on vacation. Monday was busy but rather orderly. Yesterday was insane.

I entered one last lawsuit, assigned the last seven cases to individual lawyers, and had five minutes to run downstairs and get a banana-nut muffin and a pint of milk to take to a compliance meeting. Less than ten minutes into the meeting, one of the legal secretaries came in handed me a cassette, and whispered, “I’m so sorry, but he said this has to go out today.”

Thankfully, it was short, but I’ve only typed a few motions from scratch, and I had to improvise off one of the templates in our pattern library. He took the motion into the managing attorney’s office, and she made revisions. By this time, I was up at switchboard, covering the afternoon break [the break I did not get myself, like unto the lunch hour I did not get]. He came up there and asked if I could make the changes from there.

“Yes, if you have them written out on paper; no, if you’ve dictated them.” And of course, they were dictated. It was something that opposing counsel had verbally approved but needed to sign off on. I got my fax confirmation at 4:59pm. Assuming that adverse sent it back after I left the office, we will courier it to the court today, and everybody will be happy.

I will be faster at this next time, because of today’s experiences. When I left at 5:08, I still had half a dozen or more closings to complete; I was supposed to have all of them from the secretaries by close of business Monday. I brought the office manager up to speed, and she told me to send her an email about my non-lunch. I suspect that I will get an hour of comp time next week, when we are fully staffed once more. I told her I would backdate the closings to the 30th.

I stopped at Taco Cabana when I was partway home, so tired that I paid for my food and drove to the front of the parking lot with my cup of water and my condiments and no personal chicken fajita quesadilla. Five minutes or so later, when I was ready to eat, I discovered this. Thankfully, I was not halfway to Fort Worth. I just drove around the drive-through again and picked up the rest of my food.

I was sitting in a nice cushy chair at Knit Night a little after 6:30. I had 99% of my ends woven in by the time I was ready to leave.

There is a new yarn store opening in Duncanville today at 10:00am (soft opening). The grand opening is on Friday. I am off on Friday. And it’s payday. When I put 1 + 1 + 1 together and it equaled yarn, the world was suddenly a kinder, gentler place.

Still loving my beautiful, colorful boudoir. Still not ready to tackle another set of walls. But it’s getting closer.

As is the weekend.

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Jenni said...

Looking forward to maybe seeing you for a few on Friday. Hope the rest of the week smooths out.