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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Approximating my patriotic duty...

I was one of the first people at the polls. I was definitely the first one to use the electronic voting machine; they had to set up the privacy canopy-thingie and find me a chair. Nice people. Remind me to do this again in two years.

Results, at 5:26am, are inconclusive, but it looks as if most of the people I voted for, may go on to the general election in November. I was interested to read in this article that there has been a strong local trend to elect conservative women, which I am very much in favor of. I think we need more good women (on both sides of the political fence) in office, from “small” positions on up. I also think that we need to revamp our political traditions (i.e., term limits) so that public servants have a greater incentive to remember just whom it is that they are supposed to be serving.

I have mixed feelings about one of the contests. There is a judge who simply has to go. And there was a plea that went out via our unofficial stake email list, from someone who works in his office and will be out of work if he is defeated. [Of course, if the unlikely happens and a Democrat is elected in this very conservative county come November, that will happen anyway.] It was enlightening to me, to learn that a judge's staff are not necessarily city or county employees. I do not know this employee, but I sincerely wish him/her well. And employed.

While we are discussing mixed feelings, I received an invitation to a home party. Having done our share of multilevel marketing when married to the children’s father, and having run a quietly successful business of my own a few years ago selling product while side-stepping the marketing aspects, I know that there are good products out there, and that not all of them are priced three times what you would spend for a comparable product at the grocery store or cosmetics counter.

I declined the invitation for several reasons: (1) no matter how little it costs, I can't afford it if I want to be out of debt on the timetable I have chosen; (2) I have an equivalent product that I am rarely using now; (3) I am trying to use up or get rid of things chez Ravelled in a provident manner, not add to them; (4) my current level of health, which is improving but not as fast as I would like.

I am feeling exceptionally blessed this morning. Head is nearly clear, only one spectacular bout of coughing (so far), time spent reading a good book last night, and leftovers to take for lunch today.

Tonight we have another presidency meeting, and tomorrow the fun and games begin (singles’ conference. Maybe we will get everybody assigned for the visiting teaching tonight, and Elijah will come for me in that golden chariot right after I’ve said my evening prayers, and I won’t have to go?

[On the other hand, and even more unlikely, wouldn’t it be funny if Brother Right is there? But that’s not why I’m going. I am going strictly out of duty, and to be obedient, and to set a good example, and also to thank Brother Farrell for his book.]

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