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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jots and tittles

@ Sherry: no plans with anybody for Main Street Arts Festival. I would love to ramble about with you. I will probably want to go after work on Friday night, weather permitting. I would say Thursday night, but that’s turned into my temple night. (You’re welcome to join me there as well! Sometimes I meet my friend Robi there, and I think you two would like each other.)

Mount Washmore has been subdued for the moment. No eruptions are likely. Ask me again in two to three weeks.

The doll skirt is nearly finished. I have just worked the last decrease round. Fifteen rounds of plain knitting, and then I double the stitches and go up a needle size (maybe two) and work the ruffle. [Bigger needles = looser fabric; i.e., better drape.] I think the yarn remaining in this first ball will be just enough to finish the main skirt. I tried it on Celeste a few minutes ago, and she looked very sleek and pleased with herself. The skirt was designed to be a little longer than knee-length. I have extended it to what is my favorite length for my own skirts.

I want to see if those buff shoes I bought for Jessica-who-might-have-been-Grace-but-is-now-Fourthborn’s-Eve are the right color. If so, when I am buying doll stuff again (next year, unless a money tree pops up in my back yard), I will order another pair in Celeste’s size.

The timing on this skirt is terrific: tonight our knitting group meets at Borders, and there is a Joann’s in the same shopping center, so I can pick up the ribbon for the lacing in the back and also the shirring elastic for the waistband.

The new Knitty is out. They have done a combined spring/summer issue. Some of the socks are amazing, as are the shawls and stoles.

Middlest has been keeping secrets from me: she was Cashier of the Month in January, and recently she was awarded a cash bonus at their staff meeting, for exceptional customer service. Way to go, honey, way to go!

In theory, this is the week we hear about any raises/bonuses at work, but our office manager is in meetings for most of the week, so either she will be talking very-very-fast when she’s back at her desk, or it will get postponed until next week.

OK, I’m officially hungry, and it’s time to decide which of all my clean clothes I want to wear today.

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Jenni said...

We had reviews and that was it. Still I guess it is better than nothing because that would probably mean that I didn't have a job.