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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharing Time

At church, that’s what we call it when Primary meets together before (or after) breaking up into age-group classes. I’ve been reading. I’d like to share.

Before my meetings yesterday, I did a quick reconnaissance of my studio. Emptied one box. Dragged a storage tub out to the living room. Shredded a bunch of stuff, with more to shred for the next few days so as not to overload the shredder. Beneath all the stuff that either got shredded or tossed into the recycling, I found two Christmas stockings, including yours, Fourthborn; will try to get that to you sometime before next Valentines Day. I think the other one was originally intended for Willow or Lark. So, technically, I am a little ahead of this year’s preparations.

I am hoping to find the envelope with my passport and Social Security card in it. Texas has recently tightened up its process for obtaining or renewing one’s driver license, and mine is due next month. Since I am off tomorrow afternoon and will be driving in, it would be efficient to stop by at the DMV and get that taken care of on my way home, before I put on my RS hat and make myself useful in the last-minute preparations for tomorrow night’s service auction.

While I was rooting around in my studio, I laid hands on a ball of teal silk-blend laceweight yarn; yesterday’s church knitting was the start of my proposed donation to the auction. And was frogged within about 45 minutes of being cast on. I had forgotten what a pain that particular pattern was to get going, though it’s easy once you’ve finished the first repeat.

So far, I like the Neil Gaiman book. I love the voice of the man who is reading it. I listened to the first CD on Saturday night and began the second one when I woke at 12:26 this morning after six hours of sleep. Another one of my sleep-wrecking naps, but I must have needed it.

The new cheeses are so tempting that I want to sit down on the couch with some crackers and my cheese slicer and nosh away until I either can’t walk or my ankles explode from the salt on the crackers. We are talking serious dairyliciousness here!

The cheap, close-out soups that I bought on Saturday are nothing to write home about. [And yet, I am.] The photo on the bucket shows a dark golden broth and what looks like chunks of meat. The reality is dirty-looking water and a few reconstituted mushrooms and no discernible beef flavor. At twice the price of ramen noodles, with less than half of the taste.

Yes, I am praising with faint damns. I wanted to drive over to Braums and rinse out my mouth with a nice chocolate ice cream cone, but it was the Sabbath, so I took a nap instead.

On to more edifying things. Our lesson in Relief Society was from two General Conference addresses: Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders and Safety for the Soul. Each of them excellent in their own right, and our stake presidency was once again inspired to have them taught together for our Teaching for Our Times lesson.

I will close with this random thought: one’s cell phone does not make an effective mouse, even if it is resting upon the mouse pad.

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AlisonH said...

Good luck with the DMV. The homeland security rules under Bush made the DMV departments and Social Security have to agree on names, and that's when I went through my this-is-a-pain stage. Eh. Done.