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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brother Stilts’s work is done!

Some kind soul, almost certainly a friend from my ward, finished the temple ordinances on my birthday. I logged in bright and early yesterday to New Family Search to see if he was still waiting, and he was no longer on my list. So I did a search, and there he was: 17 April 2010! At which point I gasped, "Oh!!!" and burst into tears.

One of his parents is still living, and the family is not exactly crazy about the Church [he was a member; I didn’t go behind anyone’s back to complete what he didn’t finish while in mortality], so I think the chances of my getting him sealed to his parents before the Millenium are somewhere between slim and none (or Slim and Nun, as one of the birthday cards I once gave him, had it).

In other news (i.e., Facebook Follies), I got a friend request from the first husband of the first wife of the husband of my first child. In other words, Willow’s dad. Which I accepted. I have Willow’s mom blocked; she is only one of two individuals currently blocked. [The other is some strange dude who contacted me for, shall we say, marital activities; and no, I am not talking about NintendoMan, who both knows the rules and lives them.]

Precious little knitting got done yesterday, but I had a great nap mid-afternoon, and when I woke up the yard was mown and the YardDudes had even moved my trash bin to the side of the house. Yes, I fell asleep while they were mowing the back yard and weed-whacking that side of the house. Now that the babies are grown, I may not sleep long, but I sleep like the dead.

I also did not get any painting done, but I thought about it.

We had a great RS meeting last night: the basics of home canning, taught outside because the gym floor has been refinished, and the fumes were overwhelming. So I may or may not be able to make it through all my church meetings on Sunday; we shall see. We had three priesthood brethren there to provide security and to ride herd on the little kids, whom they kept running and playing games out on the lawn on the north end of the property.

Lots of fun, lots of good questions, and fresh bread with apple butter for dessert, plus a plate of brownies. I woke up late enough from my nap that there wasn’t time to cook anything or run through the drive-in, so I cut a serving of garlic Jack and sliced up a Pink Lady apple.

Had a good workout at the gym yesterday and another today. I’m so glad that I did this for myself. I’m taking strawberries and grapes and carrot sticks to snack on, and a fresh jar of natural peanut butter and two slices of whole-grain bread. Just took a pan of pigs in blankets out of the oven, ate two, and the rest are going into the fridge now that they’ve cooled.

Yes, this is convert zeal, but I am going to thoroughly enjoy it for however long it lasts!

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Jenni said...

I saw that friend acceptance and thought it was pretty funny. It seems there is only one member of this family tree that we all agree needs to be pruned. Hmmm.