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Friday, February 08, 2013

Day One with two.

Thankfully, SemperFi was in court all day. I got all the outgoing mail, out. I got all of SemperFi’s incoming mail read, uploaded, and dealt with, and most of my new attorney’s. I wasn’t bored or looking for work, once, all day. (Today I will deal with the new attorney’s mail first, after I finish typing a report for SemperFi.)

The biggest challenge was that every half hour to forty-five minutes, I needed to get up from my desk (which is good for me, at least in principle) to go track down my new attorney and find out how we do things. I put a sticky note on his desk, telling him that I needed to put a bell on him. Maybe I just need a clapper?

His former secretary was only in the office the first part of the day, so she was unavailable for consultation. I got a lot of exercise, walking all over the office until I found him. He’s a seasoned attorney and a hard worker, and he doesn’t sit still for long.

Well, I was wanting a way to incorporate more exercise into my day. I just didn’t think it would be during working hours.

We will have a docket meeting after lunch, as all the attorneys will be in the firm meeting this morning. That will give me a chance to finish SemperFi’s report. I have two, maybe three, new cases to open next week, between them.

Sufficient unto the day are the weevils thereof.

The training meeting last night was wonderful and inspiring. Among others, Sister Esplin of the General Primary Presidency was there, in the flesh. Twelve stakes (=dioceses) and 120 wards (=parishes) were represented at the various meetings in various locations (training for Primary, Relief Society, and Young Women).

Firstborn, were you in training too last night?

Hardly any knitting got done yesterday, just a little before the meeting started last night, and then I came home and read the funnies and went right to bed. Woke up at 3:00 with cranky sinuses (much better now after being vertical for an hour and a bit) and am going back to bed until the alarm goes off.

I think it’s going to be a terrific day, once it starts for real.

(PS to Alison: I don’t think Ensure tastes bad at all. Reminds me of Metrecal from when I was young.)

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