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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Just like Beloved and me.

Movie Mom had this link. It is precious. And I had to grab a few tissues afterward.

Who would have thought that Fourthborn’s gift of a doll for my birthday, back in 2009, would have led me to Squishy and Mel? Or that a mutual friend’s introduction would have borne fruit (i.e., an age-appropriate man did not run, screaming, in the opposite direction as had so many of his fellows)? And that I would have been the last petri dish in the experiment when Project Wife was over?

Some would call it a fascinating series of coincidences. Others might say that we were foreordained to meet (and it will be interesting to find out if we covenanted to find one another, before we came to earth).

I call it Magic, in the best and most Godly sense. Heaven’s fingerprints are all over it. And Valentines Day is still my favorite holiday, no matter that Beloved and I will be celebrating it just out of reach of one another. He is still my Beloved, and I am his, and I would do it all over again.

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Kristen said...

Beautiful last paragraph.