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Monday, February 04, 2013

On the one hand...

Insomnia is a most annoying visitor, particularly when I did not take a nap after church yesterday. On the other hand, I wrote seven thank you notes while I was up. The one from my sisters in the temple still makes me weep: the love just pours out of that envelope.

I am not quite ready to resume serving in the temple, and I still have another month on my leave of absence. But I miss that weekly booster shot of holy peace, and I miss my friends with whom I serve. I think I will be ready to return when the time comes.

Several rows of happy knitting yesterday. I am farther along in the pattern than I was when I frogged it and started over.

I would really like to stay home and sleep this morning, but I have no idea what is on our calendar today, or for the rest of the week. So I will head in and see how it goes, and if worse comes to worst, I can take off early this afternoon. Thankfully, I am not sick. I am just sleepy. And I have a litre or so of Cherry Coke remaining at work.

I found another gift card while working through the piles of paperwork on Beloved’s desk. And I am nearly ready to turn over receipts, etc., to our CPA for our tax return. I just need to make sure that none of the figures I have are duplicates. I added the numbers from the credit card statements after coming home from church yesterday, but I haven’t yet matched them against the paper receipts, especially for the parking.

I think she will be really pleased to have an envelope or two sorted by type, and in alphabetical, then chronological, order within each type. (I know I would be, had I completed my accounting degree. I do not want to be one of those clients who walks in with a shoebox full of unsorted receipts.) And I have already taken steps to assure that the 2013 return will be a cakewalk.

Time to tuck that gift card into my wallet and start organizing my day.

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