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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Minutiae, and good news.

I am still slogging through receipts for our tax return. I picked up summaries from the pharmacies on my way home last night, which really helped me to separate prescriptions from ordinary purchases. Right now I am working on our meals for the trips to MD Anderson.

I got some great news yesterday at work. One of the secretaries will be out on medical leave for a few weeks. (That’s not the good news, although she will feel much better when she is healed and back at work.) I am assigned to her attorney for the duration! It’s the new one who was hired late last year, and I thoroughly enjoy him as a person.

I am getting together with her today to discuss her workflow, and we will have a docket meeting later in the week, which will include him. I don’t need docket meetings with my primary attorney, because he works two weeks ahead of his docket and is exquisitely organized. He also does his own scheduling, so I will be scheduling for the new attorney, which will be a stretch. But I am very, very excited about this prospect.

I am re-watching season one of Downton Abbey. After picking up the prescription summaries last night, I headed over to Barnes and Noble to spend some Christmas money. Renewed my membership, which had been lapsed for six or seven years, and picked up season two and season three at deep discount.

Tonight is the Blue and Gold banquet for Scouts. Strangely, the prospect of spending the evening surrounded by hordes of little boys does not make me twitch. (Much.)

And I may have a buyer for the truck. (The first one fell through.)

In knitting news, I am nearly done with the first pattern section in StellaLuna. The point protectors have done an excellent job of keeping the stitches on the needle (no more disasters, huzzah!), and I am almost ready to insert my first lifeline. Heading into my studio to grab a ball of #10 crochet cotton.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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Bonnie said...

How good was the deal on the DVDs? I'm thinking about buying all of the seasons on Blu Ray, but I usually find B&N prices to be high. If the discount is steep enough, it might be worth it to renew my membership and go for it.