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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Work went well.

Which is not to imply that other things did not. I spent half an hour or so with the secretary who is going out on medical leave, and another fifteen minutes or so visiting with her new attorney, who beginning tomorrow will be my new attorney, at least for the next four weeks. We will have a docket meeting on Friday, but I sent out some of his mail yesterday and will send out more of it today, and I read the incoming mail; she worked most of it. I have a scheduling order to calendar today.

My other attorney is still in trial on one of our oldest cases. That should end sometime today, and I will be glad to put that case to bed.

I headed straight for the church after work, and I got to help with a bit of the decorating for the Blue and Gold banquet (Cub Scouts). I ate a little lasagna and a bit of salad, then came home and re-watched the third episode of the first season of Downton Abbey. And then I went to sleep. One of the options on our alarm clock, is to wake to music. Beloved had it set to the classical station, which I much prefer to that infernal electronic beeping. I no longer wish to chuck the clock through the bedroom window in the morning, and it goes without saying that the snooze alarm is a thing of the past.

There is up. There is not-up. There is no snooze.

Another two rows on the shawl, but lifeline not yet installed. That should happen later today.

Tonight after work I am going up to Costco. If the twin who had Beloved on his account is able to meet me there, I will take him up on his generous offer to substitute me in. And if not, I will use my corporate discount to get an account of my own. I have already made my shopping list. I don’t need a lot, not anywhere near what we would have bought if Beloved were still mortal, but I do need a few things, and I want them now, rather than fighting the crowds on Saturday.

And then I will re-watch episode four, which will put me in position to watch the one I missed on first viewing and couldn’t figure out how to get to via the remote.

I haven’t done anything further to prepare for our tax return since yesterday morning before work, but I did write another six thank you notes today. The pile of unanswered cards is steadily diminishing.

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