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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A good Sabbath.

I bound off the second swatch before church. Unblocked, it hits gauge right on the button for stitches per inch. I have no idea how much it will grow after wet-blocking. I am currently working on swatch number three, using the smallest needles so far. I do not plan to make it as long as the first two; I'll use up what's left of the ball and wet-block all three of them at once.

Sibling did, in fact, speak with his brother on Friday night. Brother says he has a copy at work and will get it notarized and bring it to me after work tomorrow. If he does, it will be a step in the direction of regaining my trust. He will get a handshake and my thanks. If he does not, Ms. Ravelled puts Plan B into action.

Some of you will have seen a movie that I have not. Beloved said it contained perhaps the only legitimate use of the f-bomb in cinematic history. Adventures in Babysitting. With the classic line, "Don't (bleep) with the babysitter."

Sibling will have heard his father make that comment, more than once. I referred to it and added that his brother would do well to cease trifling with my patience.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I don't know what the babysitter did to protect her charges. But I have a pretty clear idea of what to do next if the brother fails to keep his word. (Again.)

And if Plan B doesn't work, I just might Firstborn loose on him. But I think Plan B is inspired, and if so then Heaven and I have it covered.

Tune in tomorrow night for more of "As the Estate Turns."

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Tola said...

obviously it's best if he acts correctly of his own accord. but i'm kinda wanting him not to, just to see what youre gonna do!