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Monday, June 17, 2013

Plan B it is.

The paperwork was not in my mailbox when I got home. (Tola, you get your wish.) I texted all three of the boys. Left Stonewall a voice mail, and one for his wife. Ate some dinner. Then I sat down and composed an email to all eight kids and the five spouses.

Stonwall is specifically disinvited from the sealing ceremony on Saturday. I likened his current behavior to that which his father and I experienced over the lack of communication, or payments, on the furniture he (Stonewall) purchased for their new home.

I stated that until I have his signed, notarized deed in my hands, no further items of sentimental value will leave the property.

I told him that the one-eighth portion of my estate which would have gone to him upon my death will be held in trust for his son and any future siblings and administered by a guardian ad litem should I die before my grandchildren reach their majority.

I asked his brother to give Stonewall's wife a ride to the temple if she is still willing to come.

And then I hit "send".


Tola said...

impressive. definitely painful, but totally fair. hope he comes around.

Cambria said...

Sometimes (well...often really) even Jesus had to get a little stern with his hard-headed children. Hope it all works out for the best.

AlisonH said...

Not knowing the details here really, but, sometimes a kid simply needs the tough love.