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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Important stuff. And less important stuff.

I will toggle back and forth between the two. I spent a few minutes sitting in the lobby of my former bank yesterday, waiting to solve a wee mystery. Beloved and I had more than one account there. And last week I got notification that one of them was overdrawn, which was interesting, as both of them are closed. The letter said that they had made multiple attempts to contact me. News to me!

Mystery was solved quickly and painlessly. Because of how we set up the account, when it zeroed out it began to generate a $20 per month service charge. The bank promptly closed the account and had already reversed the charge before I got there to investigate. And they are canceling the various notifications I am getting, from paper statements to emails to miscellaneous correspondence. Yay!

We have a sealing date and a time. I have a fresh sheaf of new paperwork to fill out and bring with me when I go to the temple. Max capacity of the largest sealing room is 53. We'll be very close to that limit. The brother I wanted for our sealer is available that day. I have my proxy for Beloved. And an escort for me. And two guests of honor as representatives for our respective mothers. And an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of acceptances, regrets, and pendings. And who knows how many loved ones from the other side, filling in the spaces. (Thankfully, none of whom will require a chair.)

I am calmly expecting chaos of one sort or another until this is accomplished. The work we do in the temples is true, and the Adversary hates it. So I will be studying harder, praying longer, spending as much time serving the living and the dead as possible, consistent with rebuilding my health. And I will gratefully accept all prayers and positive thoughts you care to fling my way.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

I found the right frame for my art print yesterday. She is leaning against the bookcase in the living room. I won't post a photo because of the copyright. But when the dining room is done you might catch a glimpse of her. In the meantime: Jay Long in Austin is the artist. Look for "The Heroine". There are curliques in the carving on the frame that echo her tresses. Feeling really good about that. (And it was 50% off.)

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