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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lady in waiting.

Stonewall did a reply-all, attaching a PDF of the signed (Tuesday, not Monday as he told his sibling he would do, when they were together on Friday night), notarized deed. I am hoping to hear by close of business tomorrow that my attorney has it.  Again, I am not holding my breath.

Pretty sure any chance of a civil relationship with that branch of the family tree is shot to blazes, at least for a very long time and possibly the rest of our mortal lives. It was a calculated risk. But since he has been distant from the beginning, and downright chilly since we called his honesty into question last year, with no response to my calls or texts, or to my emails except when I wrote to the guys as a whole and his rudeness would be immediately apparent, the dynamic has been frustration on my part and what I interpret as thinly veiled contempt on his.

Jury is out on whether the relationship with his sibling is also damaged beyond repair. According to Beloved and from what I have observed, his wife can be a pot-stirrer. There is much about her that I like. And I haven't spent enough time with either of them to know them well. I got an interesting (not code for anything) email from her last week about what kind of relationship I would like or maybe expected, now that Beloved is gone, and it did not feel like something that was laden with boobytraps.

What would I like? To be as involved as they would like, with certain caveats. I don't expect anything per se, other than to be treated with respect. And I've generally felt respected by that branch.

My visiting teaching companion is tight with both of the twins. This could get interesting. I barely know her, but I admire her for taking on a special needs orphan earlier this year in addition to her own special needs child. Work of the angels.

In knitting news, I blocked my swatches on Tuesday. When I was putting most of the needles away yesterday before work, I discovered that the largest swatch was not knitted on 5s as I had thought, but on 7s. And it was just that much too big. So I grabbed the 6s and have a little over half of the 585 (!) stitches cast on at this point. Wish me luck. I am half sick of swatching,  cried the knitter of Shalott.

We had ward temple night last night. I grabbed my temple bag as I went out the door, not knowing how the day would play out at work. About 4:00pm I started coughing a little, but I told my lungs to put on their big girl panties, and I ended up going and having a lovely experience serving there. It was a sorely needed respite.

I have a lot to do at work today. I may get a massage tonight. Or I may just stay home and knit.

Two days. And then maybe life will calm down for awhile?

Not holding my breath on that one either.

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