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Sunday, June 09, 2013

He who shall not be named.

No. Not Tom Riddle. The other one. Apparently he has friends at the post office.

My daughter in law watched the signed, notarized deed go out of the house to be mailed to my attorney. There has been a long history of miscommunication with her husband. There are frustration and hurt feelings on both sides.

So easy for the Adversary to make hay with that. So easy for me to be skeptical. But when I sat in her living room yesterday (he was out, helping with a youth activity) I believed her. And I still do. She loves her husband. But she loves the Lord more. I left a second copy of the deed. Once he has signed it I will hand carry it to my attorney's office. And that will be that.

And I will not be fighting feelings of ill-will on what is meant to be one of the happiest days of my life.

Whew. Deep cleansing breath. Sometimes being wrong about what is going on is a lovely thing.

Thunder and lightning out there. Enough to set off somebody's car alarm. We really need this rain. We are currently under stage 3 watering restrictions.

Whoa. That one was close. Car alarm went off again.

This is my third house. (I tend to forget our experience in the Hill Country.) And it has a slab foundation, which needs to be watered approximately once a week. Drought notwithstanding, we have had enough rainfall each week that I have not had to use the soaker hoses. Or go discover where the outside faucet is.

And because Beloved and his late wife were obedient and provident, I have a plethora of umbrellas in the hall closet. So it doesn't matter that my favorite umbrella is in Lorelai's backseat.

Knitting news: knit did not happen yesterday. The closest I got was to grab the book and page through it until I reached the pattern. I will start swatching with a needle three sizes smaller than the pattern specifies. And probably work down from there. The disheartening thing is that she recommends an eight inch swatch. Which is roughly twice as wide and twice as long as a typical swatch.

Le sigh. Well that certainly qualifies as sufficiently mindless for church knitting.

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