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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm doing asbestos I can.

Had a moment there. Went into Home Depot last night and picked up a box cutter to tackle the carpet. Also wanted to get one of those thingies that separates old linoleum from the mother ship. Clerks asked when mine had been installed. No idea. The house was built in 1971, I think. So I texted Squishy, who replied that if it matches the linoleum in the kitchen, it was in 1994, just before they moved in. I need to find out when manufacturers stopped putting asbestos in the adhesive. But I think we're out of the woods.

In other news, I put the trim on the lampshades last night while watching Psych. I had planned to blindstitch it on, but the needle and the wire frame were not playing nicely together. So I picked out three inches of stitches and grabbed the adhesive rectangles I used on the Scrabble tiles. By cutting them in half, I was able to hide them under the trim and get a nice even application. I did not turn the raw ends under, but those puppies are going nowhere. If and when I want a change, I'll have to replace the entire lampshade.

I had hoped to have the carpet stacked neatly on the curb this morning, but I was too comfortable sitting on the bed with the DVD player in my lap.

Lest you think I am becoming a slacker, SemperFi took me to lunch yesterday to celebrate my 15 years with the company. (He felt badly because he missed the party last week.) We walked several blocks each way. I didn't break a sweat, I didn't get short of breath, and nothing hurt. I got a huge salad and ate half of it for lunch and the rest of it for dinner. This morning I put in 35 minutes on the treadmill at a 5% slope at a leisurely but steady 2.4 mph.

Fist bumps all around.

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