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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good New and More Good News, and Hey, Even More Good News!

Found my cell phone jelly-side-down on the seat of the pool car which I drove to the Post Office last week. And even though the phone had been on all weekend, since I hadn’t actually been on the phone, there was still juice in the battery. What a relief to know that some 13-year-old was not using it to buy or sell recreational chemicals or purloined electronics.

It gets better. I logged onto Ravelry before heading in to work. There was an email. I thought, Good, maybe it’s the woman with the yarn. Better than that! I have [again] won a skein of sock yarn through Sock Knitters Anonymous. This one is merino and bamboo. I’ll give you details when I have the yarn in my hot little hands, which may be as soon as the end of the week. Or you can go to the post with the January Sockdown winners. Not sure what color I’m getting; I saw three I really liked and told him “surprise me”. When I got home from work, he had emailed me back, saying that he had found the perfect color for me. [I’m guessing that he took a stroll through my stash, or maybe through recent blog posts, to see what I like.]

His was not the only email waiting for me. I heard back from the woman with the yarn. It’s still available. I am mailing a check today. Woohoo! Soon I’ll be able to get back to work on the Sunrise Circle Jacket, which has been sitting in timeout for a few months.

I was relating the first two bits of good news to Trainman as we pulled out of the station, and he said, “OK, I’m hoping that you will be able to give me some good news. What are you doing Friday night?”

There is a free blues concert that night in a concert hall in one of the suburbs. Guess who will not be going to the singles’ dance? [Go to a dance where I may not actually get to dance with a guy unless I ask him, or spend a couple of hours listening to consistently better music [unless Brother Sushi is the DJ] with a guy who treats me the way that all men should treat all women? That, my friends, is a D-U-H.] No, this is not a date; he will also be inviting LadyZen. I am perfectly fine with that.

We are also tossing around the idea of a day trip to East Texas this spring to see the dogwoods and to ride the steam train out of Rusk. The word “picnic” [but not in the William Holden sense] has been mentioned more than once.

@Firstborn: yes, it’s a little weird to be batting the comments back and forth from your blog to mine. Hope to see you tonight when I pick up Middlest. Wash your foot, please! [Middlest, the same goes for you.]

I cast on a plain toe-up sock with the Mini Mochi. I’ll admit that I was seduced by the colors. It is soft and pretty, but I like my yarn a lot more tightly-wound. [Girls, behold the straight line: run with it!] Let me just say that it does not frog well. And it has a penchant for coming untwisted and spinning little bits of itself off into dust bunnies. Yes, it was better than not-knitting on the train yesterday, but only just barely.

I think it is probably a good yarn for somebody else; in my hands it is careening toward craptacularity. I think this yarn may ought to will go home with somebody at Knit Night tonight. I think if I knit much more of it, people will be surprised at the variety and pungency of my childbirth words. [Rassenfrassen, veeblefester, harbensobersack.]

I went to Central Market last night. Three slices of applewood smoked bacon, two chicken cherry pecan sausages, two maple blueberry pork sausages, a mostly-free marinated pork tenderloin, one of the mini chocolate mousse cakes, more of the Wensleydale with cranberries, a boule, leeks, a new variety of apple as well as my favorite Pink Lady’s, a bag of pumpkin granola, two small cartons of blackberries, some water crackers, an Italian pastry called sfogliatelle [looks like a scallop shell but dusted with powdered sugar; I think I will just eat mine in the tub this morning and save on laundry], the smallest round I could find of P’tit Pyrénées [a cheese, 50% cow’s milk and 50% sheep’s milk]. Oh, and of course some hummus.

Thank you and bless you, LadyZen and Trainman. [Between their generosity and my coupon for a free(ish; $8.49 off the price with a $40 purchase) pork tenderloin, I spent less than $30 in Central Market last night.]

My friend Micki has solved the conundrum of which Cookie A sock pattern to pick for March Sockdown.

I just wound up three balls of yarn. And the recycling and trash went out to the curb last night. It is already shaping up to be a spectacularly wonderful day!

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Jenni said...

So as early as I read this I was a litle slow and couldn't figure out why you were telling to cleanse myself. I remember doing so on a rather regular basis and wasn't sure who you'd been talking to that had told you otherwise.
... Try on a sock. Got it.

I will be at school when you come over but shouldbe home when you came back.

Tightly wound... you... luckily I have run over my word quoata for the morning.