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Friday, March 13, 2009

It fits (I think)

So I slept until the alarm yesterday, for the second day in a row. The house was toasty; I turned the fireplace down to the pilot light and watched/listened to the rest of The Devil Wears Prada. And then I slipped the needles out of the entrelac swatch and tried it on.

Let me just say that trying on a sock full of live stitches is a whole lot less scary if the sock is entrelac, because if it starts running, it can only go twelve rows. The ribbing was comfortable: snug but not binding, and the little rectangles hugged my ankle and smiled at me. So for my feet, the formula will be 84 stitches down to 66 for the entrelac portion. It will be interesting to see if the heel fits. But for now I have frogged it back to nothing, so I can finish the first pair of socks. And then I can go buy more yarn.

I know, sad, right?

That is what the sock looks like on Secondborn’s dainty foot. If this were her sock, it would be time to start the toe decreases. Can’t wait until tomorrow to try it on Middlest and see how much longer [if any] it would have to be, to be long enough for her.

This is Lark with Firstborn, who is doing her impression of a DeadHead guerrilla.

And this is that sheep I saw in the shop window late the other night, when I didn’t have my camera with me.

Reminds me of the Big!Sheep! from Muppet Classic Theater.

The package with my vintage Chelsea Silk arrived safely in yesterday’s mail. I’ll give you a dye lot comparison sometime this weekend.

So I have hugged three of my girls and three of my grandkids so far this week. I also got to pat Secondborn’s tummy. [She says this one is a little firecracker.] I’ll see Fourthborn at the doll meet tomorrow morning. Wonder what my chances are of seeing LittleBit as well?

Probably somewhere between Slim and nun.

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Jenni said...

Wearing that much scarf is fitting as it is about 40 below in my house.