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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love Relief Society!

We had so much fun last night at the RS birthday party. Each of us filled out a questionnaire designed to give us the maximum amount of points possible. Brush your teeth today? 5 points. Attend a baptism in the last year? 5 points. 25 bonus points if it was your own baptism. We bid on everything from babysitting to chocolate cakes, including your car cleaned inside and out, 5 hours of genealogical research assistance, swimming lessons, etc.

I was the auctioneer. My chief qualification was my ability to talk fast and crack bad jokes. At one point, when they asked me who had won something and how much they had bid [it was rather noisy for a group of church ladies] and I didn’t know, I told them, “Hey, you get what you pay for.” [We are a lay church. Everybody from the stake president to the bishop and on down, donates their time.]

I came home tired and happy and full of good food. I ended up driving in to work yesterday, and I brought home the VCR/DVD player.

As I got out of the car, after work but before RS, I managed to stab myself in the leg with one of my lace needles. No blood, or only a very little blood. But for the rest of the evening, my leg wept almost imperceptibly. And by the time I went to bed last night, I had a small crater in my left shin. Maybe the trick to losing weight is not calorie control, increased exercise, or other conventionally accepted means. Maybe I just need to thwack myself repeatedly in the fluffier parts with my knitting bag and let gravity do the rest.

My leg is still deflating this morning, though it has stopped weeping.

I have turned the heel on my sock and am now working an Eye of the Partridge heel flap. I seem to be rapidly running out of yarn. Jitterbug might not be the best yarn for this pattern in terms of yardage, but in terms of stitch definition it is perfect. I might need to stop at the end of the heel flap, work the second sock to this point, and then finish the cuffs. These may end up being anklets, but they will be gorgeous anklets!

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If we poke a boob will those get smaller too?