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Friday, March 20, 2009

Objets trouvés

One of the silver linings of sifting through umpteen years’ accumulation of stuff, is that when I am looking for a particular item, I frequently stumble across other things that I didn’t know were missing, or that I have forgotten.

Case in point: I was looking for the spare batteries for my camera, so that I could charge them for the field trip tomorrow. I found the spare kitchen washcloths. I found the broken part of the rocker which my father made, and now I can take it and said rocker to Brother Sushi for repair; he has a lathe.

I found my Eagles CD; it had ducked into a corner of one of the plastic boxes in which I keep yarn and UFO’s. So now I can take it on the trip tomorrow; LadyZen has a 6-CD player in her car. And Trainman has never heard “How Long”. I know: shocking!

I could use about three extra days before the field trip. I need to get my nails done, and that won’t be happening before Tuesday at the earliest, and then only if I drive in. So probably next Thursday, assuming that I haven’t run out of “month” before I run out of money. I’d like to get a haircut; I’m feeling shaggy again. And I would like to spend a couple of days in the kitchen, just baking and puttering.

I am really looking forward to this trip. I had been thinking that my traveling days were pretty much over because of this trick knee, which dictates that I can only drive for about an hour at a stretch, when along come friends who love to travel and can do the driving. Woohoo!

I just realized that while it would be nice to find my spare pair of rechargeable batteries, I have all those batteries I bought with my bonus bucks last year. I don’t want to think of how many of them I may go through tomorrow, but I bought them to use so I might as well rotate them out.

Amazing what comes to mind when I sit still long enough.

I saw my first bluebonnets yesterday, between the station and home. No place to pull over and park to take their portraits. I suppose they have been blooming for weeks now, but I drive about 20% as much as I did this time last year, and they seem to prefer the medians and berms along the freeways. I am hoping for more bluebonnets tomorrow. And dogwood blossoms. [And brownies and deviled eggs and Brie and apples and laughter.]

Middlest’s second sock is nearly done. It probably would be finished, except I dropped a stitch last night and had to frog back half an inch. So now I am counting stitches every few rounds. I have really, truly enjoyed learning the entrelac technique [even with all the tinking and frogging]. I am going to have a lot more yarn left than I had thought; I could have made the entrelac portion longer. But I think I will pick up another skein while the Shabby Sheep still has this dye lot in stock and make another pair for myself. Then Middlest and I can be twinkies at Knit Night.

In addition to the usual “Dreamless in Dallas” thing that has become the new normal, last night I had a side order of TMJ tossed in for good measure. I woke once and rearranged my pillows, and that seemed to help for awhile. Then I woke again about 2:45 and gave up. I came out here to the living room and picked up my knitting. I can feel my left ankle swelling already because of insufficient sleep.

Wonder if I could catch a half-hour nap before the alarm goes off? I think I will go see. Sleep or no sleep, it’s going to be a great day. Friday, and shopping with Trainman at Central Market after work, and baking, and knitting, and maybe even a little sleep tonight. I wonder if I’ll finish Middlest’s sock today? I need to figure out what my travel knitting is going to be, and I’d prefer not to have to lug along two socks-in-progress.

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