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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sacrifice: compost for the heart

I read this article on MovieMom’s blog. Why do parents love their kids so much? Because we sacrifice in order to bless them. We moms give up sleep, firm bosoms, tight tummies and a fair chunk of our marbles, when we raise kids. Dads give up car keys, full heads of hair, nights out with the boys, for nights up with a teething, wailing chip off the old block. We learn to clean up all manner of unholy messes, to make the world safer for the tiny people we love.

Is it worth it? [Are they worth it?] Absolutely!

How wonderful that a school district has found a way to teach the lessons that kids need to learn, using a currency that they understand, working their way up from pennies to nickels to dimes to dollars. [I do hope that this is a truly voluntary program; forced altruism is interchangeable with socialism in my book.]

Seriously cool.

I came home last night and nuked a potato, cut a few slices off that pork tenderloin, and heated up some leftover corn and carrots. Finished the decreases at the end of the ribbing for the entrelac sock swatch and got the foundation triangles all on the needles, miraculously with very little ripping back and [as I recall] absolutely no childbirth words this time around. I also finished the second trip through Pushing Daisies and tossed in the Gere/JLo watered-down version of Shall We Dance? I really do need to get my own copy of the original, Japanese version.

Favorite frame in the movie last night? When John has come to the department store to dance with his wife, and there is a shot of his middle-aged hand clasping hers. Hands that have lived, thank you very much. Hands that have learned a lot about mutual service and respect in 19 years of marriage.

Memo to self: when I join the train folk for movie night at LadyZen’s, take a fresh box of Puffs along with the ginormous bags of Redenbacher. Trainman loves The Thin Man; I of course will bring a dance movie.

Life is feeling a little out of balance, chez Ravelled. I thoroughly enjoy all time spent with Trainman et al. I also miss my friends in the church singles’ program, and I miss my kids and grandkids. Time for a little tweaking. I am so thankful that tonight is Knit Night, and I will get to see 40% of my kids and a little less than 25% of my grandkids.

Have I mentioned that BittyBubba is going to be a big bubba?

And this Friday is the monthly dinner with Brother Sushi, when we will sit and eat and talk and listen. I’m leaning strongly toward the drive-through window at Zeke’s and some allegedly authentic British fish and chips. And I’m leaning solidly against my good friend and brother. My metaphorical dance card is filling up quickly for the month. And I need to make sure that I schedule in enough time spent loving and serving the people I know best.

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