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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

“In Case You Are Arrested”

That’s what I thought the subject line of the email said. But it said, “In Case You Are Interested”. Which I was not. [Not arrested, either. (Neither?)] I really do have new glasses. Maybe I should clean them.

I managed to stay somewhat busy at work. Bills to pay for a couple of secretaries, one deposition summary to transcribe. Oodles of scanning when I was up at the front desk. Rather more time for daydreaming than I would have liked. Not that I have anything against daydreaming; I just think I shouldn’t necessarily get paid for it.

I skipped the dance last night. Came home and nibbled some dinner: waffles as soon as I got home and took off my shoes, a nuked potato with wasabi ranch a couple of hours later, a cup of pudding sometime after that, all washed down with milk or juice or water. Mostly I stretched out on the couch and knitted and watched August Rush and cried. Not the kind of tears that mean trouble, the kind that are a response to truth and beauty, wherever found.

Every time I watch that movie, I give thanks that Fourthborn’s Fiancé told me I would probably like it. And that Brother Sushi told me about Entertainmart and their discount table.

I had hoped to finish my friend’s scarf before going to bed, but I didn’t quite make it. When I turned out the lights, I had a ball of yarn about the size of a double-yolk extra-large egg and two happily weary hands. I’ve added a few more rows this morning, and I just spread the scarf out on my bed to measure it. Something like 51 inches long, unblocked. I think I have just enough yarn left to do half a pattern repeat and then the few rows of garter stitch at the end. This yarn is 70% merino and 30% silk; it will grow somewhat when I wet-block it. So I should be done with the actual knitting before BestFriend gets here, and if I remember to ask to borrow Rebecca’s blocking wires, I can block it next Wednesday morning before leaving for work.

This is looking like the week of Finished Objects. Which leaves me with three UFO’s:
  1. My second Clapotis, from the Claudia Handpainted Silk I bought for my birthday last year. It has been sitting in timeout for several months.
  2. Firstborn’s birthday socks, which are next up for finishing.
  3. The Anatomically Correct toe-up socks, which have been languishing even longer than Clapotis Deux.
I need to make some time to tidy up around here. The couch is looking sad again. I can and will fix that before BestFriend gets here. And then there is the bag with leftover Malabrigo, the basket with leftover Chelsea Silk from the Sunrise Circle Jacket and a previous incarnation, and the bag of Telemark which I bought to make Autumn Asters without [much] considering grist and gauge.

I also need to put together my gift for tonight’s wedding reception. I am so glad that I bought those candle holders on clearance at Pier One a year or two ago. I sat down when I brought them home and took off all the price tags and popped in a votive candle and wrapped the tissue around them again. They are in a drawer in one of my plastic organizers in the studio, and they are dwindling to a precious few. When I get an invitation, I grab one of them, embellish them, put them into a gift bag with a card, and off I go to eat cake.

If you are getting married and I’m invited, you are getting a nice candle in a pretty holder, with a card that bears my well-thought-out sentiments. I promise not to eat too much cake. Should I marry again in this life, we are not having a reception. We are having a dance and a sheet cake and some punch. Brother Sushi will be the DJ, and it will rock, and nobody needs to bring anything but hugs and their dancing shoes.

As some of my children will be happy to tell you, I. Do. Not. Need. More. Stuff. That doesn’t seem to stop me from acquiring it, though I’ve managed to slow the influx considerably.

In doll news, they have started shipping Cuprit. The first one arrived at its new home the day before yesterday. [I may have mentioned this in yesterday’s post. Or not.] I PM’d the owner last night, asking if she would mind taking specific measurements that are not on Soom’s website. She said she would be happy to do so. I am toying with the idea of frogging Clapotis Deux and knitting a sweater or tunic for my Cuprit. Fourthborn is keeping the default costume, most of which is not to my taste. And I do not want to post pictures of a doll in her birthday suit. There are way too many “cheesecake” shots on the manufacturers’ websites as it is.

I think some of the people who collect these dolls are decidedly strange, rather like stereotypical comic book fans. I aim to remain firmly grounded in reality, while having fun with my daughters and our [growing] resin tribe.

Middlest came up with what we both think is a great idea. Remember the child’s rocking chair I bought at the estate sale which BestFriend’s daughter hosted? The one like the rocker that Dad made for Firstborn? Middlest thinks it is just about exactly the right scale for Cuprit [who will have a different name when she gets here; I have one picked out that is deeply symbolic of what she means to me, but I need to see if it fits her]. She is just over two feet tall, with very long legs. It might give her a safe place to perch while I am at work. And it’s wide enough for two dolls her size to sit. I’ve seen one who looks a lot like Firstborn and LittleBit. I might be saving for her, as well as my Arie.

Breakfast. Breakfast, and then knitting.


nekokoi said...

*giggles at your obvious growing dolly addiction*

also i adore August Rush. i don't have the movie, but the soundtrack is in my iTunes and every time i listen to it i get that happy-warm-mooshy feeling. <3

Jenni said...

I really liked that movie as well.