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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In which virtue and persistence are rewarded.

Some of you have heard part of this already.

I got a response from the online china replacement shop, asking a clarifying question; I will probably get another one today while I’m at work. Selling these four pieces would be the fastest and easiest way to scrounge up doll money for my share of the group order.

Edited to add: I checked my inbox. They made an offer: $5.00 for a piece which they will sell for $100.00. And they’re not currently buying most of the pieces that I want to sell. Does it say *stupid* on my forehead? I respectfully declined their offer. So it looks like (1) the antique mall is next or (2) eBay if that offer is equally unappealing.

I drove in to work yesterday, and after transcribing one report and making myself generally useful at the front desk, I took half a day of vacation and got the heck out of Dodge. I had put the basket of English china into the trunk, just in case the office manager cleared me to take time off, and I headed straight for the antique mall near my house.

In a display case not far from the buying desk, a dealer had three pieces in my china pattern for sale, at prices equal to those of the online stores, if not higher. Encouraging! The owner/buyer for the antique mall said he wished that the display were not quite so near the buying desk, because that dealer charges top dollar, and his pieces don’t necessarily move all that fast.

He asked what I wanted for my pieces. I told him what the online store was charging for the three pieces that I could find prices for. We agreed that he almost certainly wouldn’t be able to sell them for that. Again, he asked what I wanted for them. I countered by asking what he thought he could get for them. He named a figure. It seemed reasonable. He offered me half of that. I took it.

After tithing and the other charitable deductions I am making in order to keep a sense of proportion about this new hobby and to not get all tangled up with having *stuff*, I still have a significant percentage of the purchase price of Beyla, the little hoofie.

I celebrated by doing half of the remaining laundry.

And then I grabbed half a dozen DVD’s and three CD’s that I wouldn’t miss much, and I took them with me to Arlington when I drove over for Knit Night. Plus seven Clover circular needles in various lengths and sizes, because I have replaced them all with better needles. Sold all six DVD’s and one of the CD’s and came home with the Clover circs and another $13.00 in cash.

When I tried Brainless on Princess Firstborn’s dainty foot, it fit as if it had been made for her. Oh yeah. It was! So I have just another two or three inches of leg to knit, and then the cuff, and then I’ll cast on the second sock.

All in all, a most satisfactory day, and one that more than made up for Monday.

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Jenni said...

And I lurve my sock so far!