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Thursday, August 13, 2009

To sleep, perchance...

Yesterday was weird. Even on the Ms. Ravelled scale of weirdness. I had my appointment for deep cleaning of half my teeth. They had a temp; she was good. It went well. [I did make some jottings while I was (briefly) at work but forgot to mail them home. It will be interesting to see if they are as witty as they seemed at the time.]

I showed up at work a little before noon and gave the receptionist her lunch break. Nearly finished opening the 11:00 mail. Anesthetic was starting to wear off, and I was starting to feel achy from before they had put the dental block thingie on the right side to hold my mouth open when the effort to do so on my own was starting to make me feel TMJish. So nice to be able to relax, bite down, and not have to think about keeping my teeth accessible.

My dentist’s staff was pretty amazed that I was planning to go into work after all that. [They were also pretty impressed to see and handle Autumn Asters; several of them are knitters.] I figured, no big deal. And halfway through her lunch hour, I was wishing she were back already. Just wanted my mommy, and to come home and put on my PJ’s and take a nice long nap.

So I signed out at 1:00 and drove home and ate soft stuff and took that nap, setting the alarm so I wouldn’t miss presidency meeting. Which went well, and then I took myself to Ol’ South for one of those German pancakes, and it tasted funny, but I think that was because I took three Advil yesterday: one at 2:30, one at 7:00, and the last at 11:00.

I never take that stuff. Never need to; I had to buy a fresh bottle. And transfer a smidgen of money over from savings before bedtime, just to make sure I had everything covered.

Life is good, but no real knitting yesterday, and I did not get the scarf pinned out before leaving for the dentist’s. [Nor will it be happening today; tune in tomorrow.]

I went back to bed at 12:15 this morning. And now I’m up again and feeling human, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Between the nap yesterday afternoon and the sleep last night, I think I got enough rest. There is the merest hint of tenderness in my right jaw and ear. The bottle of Advil is in my red bag in case I need it later today, but I don’t expect that I will.

When we do the other half of my mouth, I am definitely taking the whole day off. And then we get to schedule [and budget for] the replacement of one of my crowns. When I am tempted to feel poor-poor-pitiful-me, I remember that my parents were smokers, and by the time they were my age they both had full dentures. [The only advantage I can see to that scenario is no further need to floss.]

I am hoping for lots more knitting today, beginning now while the tub fills...

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