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Monday, August 10, 2009

Making Tracks

For months and months, the south track at Richland Hills Station has been unusable, i.e., nonexistent. As I zipped across the footbridge to catch the train on Friday, I noticed there were new concrete ties, and workers had begun to replace the rails. I made a mental note to snap a few pictures when I got off the train after work.

This is the view as I stood on the bridge and pointed the camera eastward. I like the play of light and shadow on the concrete. This is a longer view.

No, that is not an incoming train. Those cars are parked way across the road.

You can see that they have not begun to replace the ties on the northern track. I suppose that will come next.

Speaking of making tracks, here are swatches for Cuprit’s welcome-home sweater. I whipped these out while waiting for the frogged yarn on Firstborn’s socks to relax.

I managed to mislay my HiyaHiya’s at the welcome-home party for BestFriend’s son-in-law. I let his mom know, because there were all sorts of pint-size lobotomists running about. She called me about an hour after I’d gotten home. Somebody had found them and put them on top of a bookcase. I’ll pick them up at her house when I’m in town for Knit Night tomorrow.

I guess we should call them Bye-aBye-a needles. [Cue the Backside Boys; I miss Emily Gilmore!]

So, at bedtime, I had 193 stitches cast on my trusty 00 circ for the peplum of a sweater that is only halfway envisioned. I decided that the 5-stitch-wide knit sections should be 4 stitches wide, and the gores should start out 7 stitches wide. The gauge on 000 needles for the section above the gores, is 4 stitches per cm. The gauge on the knit part of the peplum is just a smidgen looser. Which is why I needed those 0000’s, although I might even need to gear down to 00000’s. But first I will do a single knit row using my 000 circ, and then I will put it aside until I get my Hiya/Bye-a’s back.

Oh, and there are beads along the cast-on edge, to go with the ones you can just barely see on the second swatch, up at the top of the gores. These are beads leftover from MS3, on the yarn leftover from Secondborn’s birthday scarf.

Take my hand, I’m a glutton for punishment. [With apologies to Tony Bennett, and Kismet.]

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Jenni said...

It was nice to see you for a few minutes last night.