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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Week of Lunching Dangerously

Oye. I mean, seriously, oye! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, lunch consisted of ten minutes to inhale something, and then back to the desk or into a meeting, and taking the rest of my lunch hour around 3:30. This week has been crazy: a mandatory class for support staff on Tuesday, during my normal lunch hour. A conference call on Wednesday, also during my normal lunch hour, in the course of which I finished all but two fingers of a 20-oz Cherry Coke [and needed it]. Yesterday was the monthly support staff meeting, but it was in the morning and did not impact lunch other than my inhaling vast quantities of leftover pastries as my lunch and throughout the day. Not large pastries, but the general effect was to keep me off-kilter and a little wired.

I came home, ate a sensible dinner, and was in bed by 9:40 as we did not go visiting teaching. I also did this:

The heel is now officially turned. Isn’t it pretty? Yarnissima creates such pretty sock patterns, and this one is so easy. The sock will now go onto a spare 00 circ until I can get together with Firstborn to make sure it fits. But we are officially one-third done with this project. I will not miss working with this yarn ~ I may have mentioned that once or twice ~ but I will miss thinking about how much I love my daughter as I knit.

At lunch yesterday, the lunch which I took at my regular time even if I did not eat the things I would normally eat, I set up my ringtones on the new phone. Zut alors! no more sitting at the French café. But I found four tones that I think will not drive me crazy, nor anyone who is within earshot if my phone rings, and I picked a wallpaper.

The new phone barely fits into the cell phone slot in my Ubiquitous Red Bag. It goes in, barely, and does not want to come out again. I will either have to find the bag-within-a-bag which came with my tote or another bag [in a non-clashing color] on sale for half price at Franklin Covey and convert the URB into a knitting bag. Though I suppose I could grab the rest of the Malabrigo and make a felted bag large enough to hold my planner, my cell phone, and my bumbershoot, leaving the camera in its slot in the URB.

It is much too early in the day to be making decisions. I’m off to make a batch of pigs in blankets, instead.

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Jenni said...

I like the part where a new phone that doesn't fit means that you get to go shopping.