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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My busy, happy, productive day.

I updated some visiting teaching records at church early in the morning.

I took my creamer, sugar, gravy boat, and the little candy dish to the local china replacement service shop. The large serving pieces are all chipped or worn; plenty good enough for my own use now or to break up for a pique assiette project years down the road. I had printed off the shop’s retail prices for my pattern, and the prices from another replacement service, as talking points.

I came home with all my stuff, because they only purchase complete sets, but she said the best options were the antique mall not far from the house, or Replacements Ltd, online. I have emailed the latter.

On the way to my bank for lunch money and a roll of quarters, I stopped in at the antique mall. The owner buys on Monday through Friday, from 10:00 until 3:00. [I guess he doesn’t want to buy from me.]

I went to Central Market and spent $6.15 on two loaves of bread, an exceedingly ripe mango, and a couple of Pink Lady apples. I also got flirted with by a boy about BittyBubba’s age, who reached out and said “Hey!”and swatted at my sleeve. His dad apologized, and I told him not to worry, that I seem to be a big deal with toddlers but not so much with guys my own age. The dad said, “Oh, OK, I guess that’s fair then.”

Brother Sushi picked me up, and we met Trainman and LadyZen at the T&P Station to ride up to Chef Point Cafe in Watauga. Our experience was worth repeating. Three of us split the duck appetizer. Just about exactly the right amount of duck meat for me. Three of us had the lobster bisque in a bread bowl; two of us thought the bisque is just a smidgen better at Lucille’s but that the presentation is better at CPC. Brother Sushi had the duck a l’orange; he said it was good but that the appetizer was better. Trainman had either the seafood pasta or the pasta con gamberean di mare: lots of seafood over bowtie pasta. LadyZen had the chicken Florentine, with lots of fresh baby spinach leaves. I definitely want to try that sometime. And I had a side Caesar, because I was attempting to leave room for dessert.

The guys each ordered a bread pudding. LadyZen and I each ordered the “warm rustic apple flaky”, a “sugared crust filled with fresh apples and topped with vanilla ice cream”. We all shared bite-a’s before we dug in. Here is a link to the breakfast menu. Does not the Hot Brown sound like something worth driving for? Trainman said he would join me for breakfast there one Saturday, and I want to go back for lunch sometime and see how the pork chop compares with the one I had at Drew’s.

I even managed to make Brother Sushi blush, but whether it was something I said or something it reminded him of, doesn’t really matter, it was just funny [and now he’ll have to kill us ☺ ].

I came home happy from carbs and fat, laughing, and really needing a nap, even more than I needed to do laundry. I stalled for about an hour and a half, hoping to wake up a little, but finally gave up and went to bed and set the alarm. Naps are good. Naps when I wake up early enough to still get something useful done, are even better. The most critical part of my laundry is dry; I’ll wash the last of it on Monday after work.

Yesterday’s NonSequitur (8/22/09). Spew alert: cover your keyboard! Any male who thinks “score” is an appropriate verb when interacting with females, deserves to get his head bitten off! I laughed far more than is seemly for someone who [now, as opposed to 12 years ago] likes men in general and various men in particular. And who is allegedly trying to behave in a Heavenly manner.

Once I got the kinks worked out of the ribbing on Firstborn’s sock, I added a round here and there throughout the day. I look at the leg on that sock and think that it’s too small to fit an adult, but then I remember that Firstborn’s ankle is not much bigger around than my wrist. I probably shouldn’t knit any more on it until I try it on her; this yarn does not frog well. But I am finally, finally enjoying this sock, and it’s hard to stop.

I like this sock pattern so much that I could finish this sock and its mate and immediately cast on for another pair in a different yarn.

I was so full from lunch (eaten around 2:30) that I had nothing but water until 11:30, when I had a small glass of juice to celebrate clean laundry, damp stuff hung up to finish drying, and getting through all my Bloglines.

Now that is a good lunch!

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Jenni said...

I assume it is your fault that I have such small feet and ankles.

Plus with the other one being pregnant, currently her ankles are big enough for both of us, poor thing!