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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

“Honey, that would be *you*.”

Multiple opportunities to laugh at myself yesterday. I was going through Monday’s “today’s mail” electronic folder [where each day’s scanned incoming mail and faxes go] with the former secretary, who is training me. I noted that my attorney had signed off, as had his paralegal, but the spot for the secretary’s signature was blank.

I said, “Oh, can’t move the mail. The secretary hasn’t signed off.”

She looked at me, cocked one eyebrow, and said, “Honey, that would be you.”


Yeah, that would be me.

The managing attorney stopped by my desk mid-afternoon to see how it was going. I told her I was having fun. Actually, I am having a blast! The day flies by, and I am all wrung out at the end of it, but so far my attorney is pleased. He stopped at my desk yesterday and gave me half of his brownie. I am a long way from zeroing out my desk, but I accomplished more than I did on Monday.

The secretary for whom I have been serving as primary backup asked if I had time to do a tape for one of her attorneys, or was I covered up? I told her, Covered up, bigtime!

Maybe at the end of the week I will have a better workflow established and can be a bit more useful in general. So much to do, so much to remember. But yeah, having a ball, and I can’t wait to get to my desk this morning.

But first, there is a trip to my dentist’s, to get fitted for a new [porcelain] crown. And tonight the Diversity/Inclusion Committee is sponsoring our first-ever game night. There will be snacks, and games; general hilarity will allegedly ensue. [Happy hour without the “happy”, as this is a company event on company property. So none of the chemically-fueled stupidity that sometimes occurs at office parties.] I am just hoping that we will not be clearing the common area for a rousing game of Red Rover, because I’m not sure I will be up for anything more lively than Go Fish.

My family knows how much I love fun-and-games; I am going only because the D/I Committee are my friends, and I want to support them. Fourthborn, in the unlikely event that Cuprit shows up today, feel free to text me. Loudly. Repeatedly.

Ohdeargottagogotacatintheovenbye! [Robi, remember?]

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Robi said...

Yes, dear. I remember. And do you know that at times that cat is STILL in the oven? One of my favorite exit lines!