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Monday, November 09, 2009

More dolly drama?

Fourthborn was sifting through old emails from the doll company, and one of the confirmations she received for the alleged second shipping of my Cuprit, was addressed to somebody else, but with our first confirmation number [the one that is so useless to us]. So she will be checking that out.

On the other hand, I am “before shipping” on my Jessica; they acknowledge receipt of my final payment. I will check status again when I get home tonight.

Looking forward to another day of happy adventures at work.

We had a changing of the guard at church yesterday. Old bishop released, new bishop sustained. I remembered to edit out the cell phone number for my old bishop, and I think I have the new one’s number saved in my contacts; will just have to upgrade his name to bishop and merge it with the home number; she’s my Visiting Teaching Coordinator. Secondborn, you know him; they used to live in your ward. Alison, you definitely know him. Lovely people, both of them.

If I don’t stir my stumps [as Dad would have said], I will have to drive in to work.

Singles’ conference next weekend. The lack of information re: speakers and workshops is uncharacteristic, and frankly appalling. I may end up spending a good chunk of Saturday at a nearby bookstore with another fugitive single. I do not require entertainment; I do anticipate edification, and how am I supposed to know if the weekend is going to be worth the investment in time and gasoline, with so little information?


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Faith, that's how!