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Thursday, November 05, 2009

So maybe I *do* like playing games

But only if I win. Which I did, last night. [Details, over on Facebook. Two can play that game, Secondborn; that will teach you to hold hostage pictures of all my Bitties until I joined the FB frenzy!] Suffice it to say that my reputation as a walking thesaurus has been buffed to a high sheen, and there are people in my office who will never consider playing poker with me, because apparently I have learned how to bluff...

I have a new filling. And a temporary crown. I never even bothered to put on lipstick yesterday, because my lip was numb all morning and most of the afternoon. My dentist is so good at what he does.

Today is the last day that my Jessica is not fully paid off. At dark-thirty tomorrow morning I will do a PayPal liposuction from my account to Korea.

It occurred to me yesterday that I have a friend in my old ward who is Korean, and I bet she would know the culturally-appropriate way to ask the people [a different manufacturer] who made my Cuprit, where she is, why she is not here, and why their best response to Fourthborn’s inquiry is to send Fourthborn a duplicate email of the latest confirmation, and could we please speak to a supervisor? I would be very happy to burn as many of my minutes as necessary to get some answers in other than the Korean version of Spanglish.

I awoke this morning to find an email from Central Market waiting in my inbox: “Case Wine Sale Plus Enough Cheese to Please”. Obviously, they do not know me. “Enough cheese to please” would turn me into a human cheese curd and render me unable to walk for a month. On the other hand, a case of wine (insufficient to neutralize the binding effect of said cheese; for that I would require a bushel or two of apples, with a side order of onion rings), while possibly tasty, would not merely cause my eardrums to burn, and/or cause me not to care that I could not walk for a month, but would render me udderly utterly useless to my ward as their RS president.

I woke at 3:11 this morning. I most devoutly hope that this is not the new normal.

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