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Monday, November 02, 2009

Stealth projects for October

I decided this was the easiest way to make sure that I showed you pictures of finished objects and didn’t spoil any surprises.

Willow’s impromptu Mobius scarf. I intended it as a straight scarf, but the length was a little skimpy. So now she gets a scarf which will lie flat. The yarn is Mountain Colors Moguls, color “Juniper”: 65 yards per skein and bought when Passionknit in Dallas closed a year or two ago. I caught her online on Facebook one Sunday night. She likes this and says it will go with many things.

Lark’s fingerless gloves, made from almost all of the leftover pale pink Malabrigo. Not the most elegant pair of mitts that flowed off my needles, but they should keep her hands nice and toasty. Shown here in repose.

And here on my hand, which was severely in need of a manicure. Correction: not pink Malabrigo. Pink Manos del Uruguay. I discovered this when I was updating my projects on Ravelry with their related blog posts.

Fourthborn’s birthday surprise. You’ve already seen the hoochie-mama doll skirt, which was not really part of her birthday present, merely tucked into the bag with everything else. One of my friends at work, seeing me working on a doll sweater, said she had the “Marilyn Monroe Barbie” in the Seven Year Itch dress; did I want it? Well, no, not for me, but Fourthborn is mad for MM, and she collects Barbies.

Not really a Barbie, some off-brand, and I had to take a Q-tip to her face and hair. She looked as if she might have been mud-wrestling (the dress was unscathed, thankfully). She looks a little tipsy, or maybe just hungover. I call her Scarilyn Monroe.

My sister’s cowl [out of the Buffalo Gold laceweight which I won as a door prize when Whirled Fibers opened in July] is still under construction.

Happy birthday, Secondborn! I think it’s cool that I found out about my new job assignment on my sisters birthday and am beginning it today, on yours.

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