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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A riddle, wrapped around an enigma

I sat down yesterday with two remotes, four AAA batteries, two sets of instruction books, and a modicum of patience. My mission? to connect the DVD/VCR player to the TV (check!) and be able to watch some of my older movies.

I don’t know if it’s a problem with the TV per se ~ I haven’t upgraded to HDTV, since I don’t watch TV ~ or with the code. I can turn the TV on, using the universal remote, but I can’t get to the screen where I can program my DVD/VCR player.

So I will nibble away at that today. I may need to work through every blessed one of the TV program codes until I find the one that gives me the magic screen. I am a reasonably logical person. I would like to figure this out on my own, without calling in the reinforcements [i.e., my sons-in-law or my grandchildren]. And I would like to do it before Monday night, because I have pitched the box and packing materials that came with the DVD/VCR player, into the recycling bin, and I would like to dump in the rest of my recycling [from the dismantling of Mt. Ravelled] and have it all blessedly, safely gone. I do not want to have to beat a strategic retreat and hook up the old DVD player again.

Thankfully, it’s not like I don’t have other things I can do. I’m 232 pages into New Moon, as of this writing. (I still want to smack Bella, often, but that’s another issue.) I’m approaching the halfway mark on the second baby legging. I would like to have those done by Monday, with maybe an accompanying hat, booties, and mitts. Hey, I have a rich fantasy life like lots of other folks, but my fantasies are family-appropriate and involve sticks and string...

Had a great visit with BestFriend yesterday and a lovely bowl of lobster bisque. Today I will be doing another drive-by fooding of the missionaries. And climbing Mt. Laundry, with or without a Sherpa.

But first, I’m off to water my garden on Facebook, eat some cold pizza, flirt with an underage werewolf, and rejoice in the fact that Jessica is no longer in purdah at customs.

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Robi said...

Oh, I'm so glad someone else has the same attitude about Bella! I mean - really? Not the best of role models for girls in THAT particular department.