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Monday, February 14, 2011

Church rocked. (Happy V-day!)

I had a blast visiting with the wee people yesterday. Our Primary is very, very small. Less than a dozen kids in Junior Primary (the ones aged three to eight). Less than half a dozen in Senior Primary (the ones who have been baptized and will graduate to Young Men or Young Women when they are twelve).

I made them laugh (on purpose). I got a bearhug from my friend when Primary was over.

Note to Heaven: The fact that I had fun yesterday with children-not-my-own should not be construed to mean that I have any desire to serve in Primary. Extended exposure to wee people brings up old memories of feeling like a failure as a mother because I was so fixated on making sure they ate that I didn’t have much chance to teach or enjoy them.

[I am not fishing for reassurances, girls. I know you love me, and I know you know that I love you, and I’m glad we have reasonably sane, reasonably functional relationships now.]

I cast on a hat for the new missionary elder while at church yesterday and put about six rounds on it. Came home, decided that I didn’t like it, and frogged it after my nap. Cast on again, another 20 stitches this time and the same pattern, and I’m liking it better in this incarnation.

This is going to be a very social week. I am doing something unusual tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day: I am meeting friends/acquaintances from the church singles for dinner at a nice restaurant. This is not my regular crowd; I will be hanging out with a handful of the younguns, including the sweet and lively sister who introduced me to the new guy. There will also be at least one brother my own age, someone I know slightly. Definitely quirky and possibly a candidate for posse-hood. I’m not sensing sparkage in either direction.

Tomorrow night is Knit Night, and I’ve invited one of the sisters I visit teach to join us. Wednesday night is the monthly singles temple night, and Thursday is my regular shift at the temple. At the moment, I don’t remember if anything is happening on Friday night. [I most devoutly hope not.] Saturday is ward temple day in the morning, and I really want to be there this time, because two of our own are going through the temple for the first time (a brother and a sister), and then I have a doll meetup in Denton, and a potluck/dance that night in Richardson.

Posting may be a little sparse between now and Sunday; we’ll see how that plays out. I think I need another nap, just thinking about this!

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