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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2.0

This is what my porch looked like at 5:45a.m. yesterday.

This is what I did while the tater tots baked.

The Panopticon posts about his new carbon fiber DP’s. Same material as a stealth bomber, and priced accordingly: $34.95 per set of five, which takes the term wretched excess to a whole new level. I can get a complete set of all eight sizes, in a leather case, for $299.00.

That would buy a dozen balls of the Karabella laceweight cashmere, with enough cash back for a Chop House Burger and a slice of sawdust pie, รก deux.

My spinning went really, really well yesterday. As posted elsewhere, midway through the skein I was plying, all the things I used to know about spinning, kicked in; the wool is telling me what it wants to be.

I spun and plied an entire bobbin while watching Finding Forrester, who [Forrester] at one point tells the student, Jamal, that the way to a woman’s heart is to give her an unexpected gift, at an unexpected time. And of course the next scene shows Jamal giving a gift to the girl he likes. Not half an hour later, I paused the movie to bring in the mail.

And found a Valentine.

Oh my.

So I guess it’s safe to send him the one I got for him, right?

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AlisonH said...

The Dyakcraft ones are some of my favorites and a lot less pricey.