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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Follies

I shared this on Facebook. Too good not to repeat it here, where I can editorialize a little. I think we’ve all been there at one time or another, sometimes with the genders reversed.

I didn’t know that the artist had been to some of our singles activities.

And I am thankful that I learned, early on, that the singles program in the church is not to match us up two by two, like the Ark, but to provide opportunities for fellowship, mutual support, and the refinement of souls [as well as our social skills].

Which is why I will be driving to Plano tomorrow night, with gas hovering just under $3.00 a gallon, to hear the consensus from the questionnaire which a good brother sent out to us. I know what my experiences have been, as a single woman in the church. I know what some of my friends, of both sexes, have experienced. I’m going, to learn more.

In other news, the rest of the yarn which I ordered last week arrived safely at work yesterday, and it is splendid, and I’ve already started swatching some of it. I really really really want to get my hands on the burgundy silk tweed laceweight, but I am making myself work with the silk/linen/poly tweed first. And it’s not all that great a hardship. It is easier on my hands than the first efforts with the Habu, though not much. I am going to have to recalculate the numbers for a Chutzpah-sized sweater in this yarn if I want to use the same stitch pattern as hers.

I need to get moving. I’m picking up the cake for the office birthday party on my way into work, and I have to do that on company time, so I will walk up to the counter in the bakery department at 8:31. But first I will have to step away from the keyboard and get out of my pajamas. And with all of the lazing-at-home over the past two weeks, I am having a bit of difficulty overcoming inertia and approaching escape velocity.

Dinner with Brother Sushi tonight. Can’t wait. OK, there’s my motivation...

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Jenni said...

TGIF for real. Have fun at dinner and eat something yummy for me.