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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Scraps

Yesterday I made the final payment to Fourthborn, this one for a delectable pink outfit (complete with shoes) for Celeste. It was the petticoat that got me. That, and having a commercially-made crinoline to go under it, so my own next attempt would be more successful than the previous one.

I also stopped in at Whirled Fibers to score more Kureyon Sock for doll hats, because my first love will always be wool, and I rotate as many purchases as possible among my local yarn shops. I also picked up another ball of Silk Garden Sock, and replacement DP’s in 00 (one of my pink aluminum Susan Bates needles went AWOL a few weeks ago, so I have been knitting hats on three needles, using the fourth as my working needle; it’s way more fun to use five needles).

These are HiyaHiya’s at $5.50, as opposed to the stealth-bomber ones at $34.95. I also discovered that HiyaHiya makes circs in 4-0 and 5-0, which I didn’t buy last night but think I will swing by and get on my way to the activity in Plano tonight (yes, Duncanville is absolutely on the way to Plano on my personal GPS, especially when yarny goodness is involved) and pick them up.

Both circs are only 16” long, but she is checking to see if they come in a 40” length for Magic Loop. In the meantime, they will be useful for back-and-forthing on the bodies of doll sweaters, when a 6” DP is just that much too short.

Brother Sushi utterly surprised me when he said he wanted to have dinner again at Cheesecake Factory for our monthly outing. This is the man who doesn’t like cheesecake, and didn’t eat it when we went there a few months ago.

I got there a few minutes before he did, and the line was out the door, and there were maybe 15-20 people queued up to be seated, with more in the benches, more milling about, and a whole bunch huddled on benches outside. I’m thinking something like 100 people standing between us and dinner. Not to mention that I could barely hear myself think.

The hostess said that we could sit at the tall tables, if we liked. I did not like. I smiled, said no thank you, and walked out again. Called him up; he was just leaving his house. We met over at Spaghetti Warehouse a few minutes later.

M-u-c-h better. It was obviously not where the elite had chosen to meet in Arlington, Texas, on the Friday before V-day. The restaurant had a soft, contented buzz, our server was cordial but unobtrusive, the sourdough bread was especially good, and we spent the next two hours eating and chatting. Bliss.

Although I was more than a little surprised with my entree, fettuccine alfredo with red peppers. I was thinking pimiento or bell; the chef was thinking peperoncini. So it was not the taste my mouth was expecting (i.e., warm and creamy), and every bite was “Tex-Mex? Here?”, but it was still quite tasty, and I have leftovers for later, along with most of the last mini-loaf of sourdough and all of the remaining garlic butter.

I’m doing a drive-by fooding of the missionaries at lunch. There is a doll meet between here and Plano which I may or may not make, depending upon the time. I would like to get their opinions on some of my non-wool yarns, and on my finished hats.

New guy got my valentine yesterday and thanked me for it. It was his first since his wife passed. His to me was my first in a long, long time. And I get to see him tonight at the Plano activity.

I’m thinking this is going to be a good day.

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Jenni said...

I hope you have a fabulous evening!