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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yes, I know who it is.

No, I’m not at liberty to say. I don’t know the other petri dish well, but I like what I have observed (both before and after I knew the new guy, or I knew that he and she were dating), and she has always been gracious to me. I’m glad that neither of them got hurt as they sorted this out. And I’m glad that both of them want, and get to keep, their friendship.

In other news, yesterday was just-verging-on-brutal at work. On the one hand, I only had one to-do remaining from my attorney at the end of the day, down from eight or so, all of them requiring a significant amount of time. So that was good. On the other hand, I had two items I was expecting from the other attorney, and another one that I wasn’t, and when I inquired gently, “Isn’t [your secretary] here?” he told me that she left earlier in the day.

I will have to check my email to see if she sent me one to that effect. After 2:45 or so, the afternoon was pretty much a blur, and the end of the world could have come and gone without my noticing it. But all the mail went out, and all the faxes went out, and all the fax confirmations got matched up with their corresponding faxes, and all the faxes went on the first try.

And if she didn’t let me know, I need to visit with her briefly about that. Makes us both look bad if I don’t know that I’ve become the secretary du jour.

I have two new suits to open today, and two cases to close before mid-afternoon. Which will generate spaces for two more suits to be assigned to us in the next week or so. Job security. And thankfully, I love my job. But yesterday there were moments when I felt like my hair was on fire.

Tonight, there is dancing. I will have to wade through a speed-dating event first, to get to the good part, but there is a hug with my name on it at the end of the day.

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