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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beemers and Hummers and Jeeps. Oh my.

The lights in this suburb are screwy. I have lived in Texas for nearly 35 years,  and everywhere else the light sequences have been fairly predictable: green arrow for those turning left. Solid green light and you take your chances.

Not here.

Green light as you watch oncoming traffic fly past you on your left. And then a very short green arrow before the light turns red. Or, alternatively, a flashing yellow arrow in lieu of the solid green light, followed by the green arrow and then the red light.


If you're lucky the first car in the opposite left turn lane is like unto a Miata. So you can see the pickup that's barreling toward you in the next lane over. This morning there was a pickup. Followed by a box truck. Completely obscuring the beer truck that would have carried me into next Sunday. And you know the headline would have read: Mormon killed by beer truck.

The day I had was the emotional equivalent of getting hit by a truck. We got a *sixth* case for Mellow with the answer due next Monday.  I nearly cried. Thankfully it came to us settled. So I didn't have to create any outbound discovery.

Tomorrow I will do the answer for SemperFi's case. Also due next Monday.

My resilience has taken off for Club Med.

Turns out that I also misunderstood the date for what I thought I was supposed to do tonight. That was last night. And rescheduled for tomorrow night. So I made the visit by myself. Because I am finishing my visiting teaching tomorrow night.

From there I struck out to find the Bennigans in Plano. I desperately needed Death by Chocolate. They no longer carry it. Except as a cocktail. Ewww.

Thankfully there was a Coldstone Creamery next door. And I had a gift card. I am nearly done eating a pint of chocolate brownie ice cream with coconut and almond bits and white chocolate chips. I may not be resilient but I am *extremely* persistent.

I need a good cry. Preferably not while I'm at work.

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Anonymous said...

I know some may find this corney, but it I find it truly helps me when I am overwhelmed. "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle." I just keep saying it to myself over and over and it helps me take a step back and take a deep breath.