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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mixed bag.

Work went well. I think. Two of this week's six cases are entered. I am pretty much caught up on Mellow's emails. Various reports got sent in a timely fashion. A handful of to-do's got crossed off. The urgent something for SemperFi got done. I delegated a task.

On my way home I saw a car with a dangerously wobbly left rear tire. I prayed to find a way to let her know. I was able to pull alongside her on a wide off-ramp and get her attention. Mission accomplished.

But this put me in a mandatory left turn lane. So left I went. Into a parking lot near SMU. Also near La Madeleine. Walked out with a sliced loaf of multi grain bread and a tiny creme brulee.

Made two lefts to head back to the freeway. Saw a beggar ahead at the light. Reached into the rear footwell for the bag. Handed him the creme brulee. He grinned. I grinned.

Not breaking my arm patting myself on the back. If I were truly Christlike I would have given him the loaf of bread. Or both.

Ah well. Baby steps.

When I got home,  there was a packet of paperwork to fill out to put the stock shares (all 10.something of them) into my name. I spent an hour looking for the stock certificates but will probably have to order duplicates.

And then I have to get a special verification of my signature. Just getting it notarized won't be sufficient. Once this is done and the stocks are transferred, my net worth will increase by approximately $330. And I will be the one getting $1.50 dividend checks like clockwork every quarter. And you can say you knew me when.

More baby steps.

Found a box under the desk with a printer cartridge in it. So now I know what kind to buy. And the computer will once again be more than marginally useful to me.

Found the mobile app for Ravelry.

Seem to have mislaid a bamboo knitting needle. Makes it a little hard to work on the current project. Good news is that it doesn't seem to be running wild in the bed with me so I'm at small risk of lobotomizing myself in my sleep.

The April issue of the Ensign came today. The new Pottery Barn catalogue came yesterday. So the question du soir is, do I want eye candy or a spiritual feast?

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Tola said...

i leafed through the Ensign and read 3 or 4 articles. i need to get back on the spiritual wagon and do better.

re: the beggar . . . . while your loaf of whole-grain bread would definitely have nourished his body well for a few meals, the creme brulee nourished his spirit. having a really nice treat once in awhile is a good thing.