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Friday, March 08, 2013

The day from *where*???

(That would be yesterday. Today has been just fine, thank you very much.)

Work has been incredibly intense. We got slammed with new cases, five with the answer due next Monday. I had to radio for backup on the fifth one, but all the rest of them, I took care of myself.

By close of business today, I had caught up seven days of mail on one attorney and half a dozen of his emails that needed to be filed.

Last weekend, Fourthborn spent the night on Friday and Saturday. We painted the ceiling in the dining room. There are a handful of pictures on Facebook. Tonight I will take one of my little yellow heart-shaped dishes to Home Depot and match that yellow. I had originally thought of texturing the walls in the dining room but upon reflection have decided that that would be overkill. We worked too hard on that ceiling for it to have to fight the walls for star billing. Besides which, I will be covering up most of three walls with bookcases, so all that labor would be hidden.

My new thought is that we will texture the paneling in the living room, which has been painted. I do not know if it will come down easily, or if we should just slap the texturizing medium all over it and paint our little hearts out.

I am nearly done with the fourth and final repeat of the second motif on StellaLuna. I may very well finish tonight. But now I am going to shut down the popsicle stand, put on my comfortable shoes, and figure out something cheap, fast, and easy for dinner.

(I am the antithesis of the maxim that you are what you eat.)

I did go back to the temple last night. My leave of absence was officially over. And emotionally, it was too soon for me to go back, so after discussing it with the temple president, I have been released.

The affidavits of heirship are filed. I have heard back from three of the four credit card companies, wanting to know the name of the executor of the estate. Something I will have to discuss with my attorney next week, while one of my attorneys is on vacation and I have a chance to catch my breath and return my desk to something like unto its former pristine (and exceedingly organized) glory.

I said I was going home. OK, now I am. I mean it. (Anybody want a peanut?)

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Jenni said...

No more rhyming now, I mean it.

Glad that you're still keeping your head above water.