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Friday, August 16, 2013

Careful what you ask for.

Finally spoke with someone on the refi. Underwriting was not convinced that the checks I wrote had actually cleared. (I suppose because the copies I got, and forwarded, only showed the fronts.)

So I took some PT, came home and got the monthly bills from the mortgage company that showed a steadily declining balance, and six months of bank statements that showed the checks coming out each month, identified by Blah Blah Blah Home Mortgage and the check number and a matching dollar amount. And then I wrote a cover letter and took it all to a branch and had them fax it for me.

Yes. I could have waited for the end of the day and gathered the paperwork and faxed it from work today. But I suddenly lost patience with the whole process and wanted to do something to move it along. And I also wanted some quality time with my knitting. Which I got. Two loads of laundry done and three episodes of Downton Abbey. This, after sorting and filing a three-inch stack of paperwork relating to the estate. So it was a productive day.

No music practice, though. It was still almost midnight when I dragged myself to bed. I read three verses of scripture and called it a night. Did not sleep as well as I have been and am a little congested this morning. So I'll go back to my new regular nightly routine tonight. It seems to bless my body every bit as much as my spirit.

Three cheers for Friday! I am looking forward to a productive day at work and a quiet evening at home. Another Primary baptism tomorrow morning but no other commitments. Maybe some cooking and baking. Hopefully a few more bushels of stuff gone through and dealt with.

Word from the refi people was to not make this month's payment, as they would only have to redo the paperwork with fresh numbers. OK. Weird, but OK. I'm hanging onto that check in case somebody changes his or her mind.

Breakfast. And maybe half a row of knitting before I have to hop in the car and go.

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