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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Please release me, let me go.

They did, in sacrament meeting this morning. I was supposed to conduct Primary today, and all month. Instead, I got to go to Gospel Doctrine class and Relief Society, totally unprepared for either lesson and with a phone that needed recharging, so no access to the manuals or my scriptures or the hymnal.

After church I gleefully double-bagged three notebooks and a couple of other items and ran them over to the home of my replacement.

I was amazed, and touched, by the number of kids who gave me a hug on the fly at the end of sacrament meeting on their way to Primary.

The bishopric has a new calling in mind for me and will let me know next week. I hope it's not leadership. I would like to have a little stretch where I am doing something useful that does not require any additional meetings during the week. I have missed Knit Night. And there is so much to do here at the house.

It was a privilege to serve in the presidency and a blessing to serve these kids.

Next Sunday will be our last to meet at the stake center. The Wylie building is complete. So I will be attending at the building which is less than a quarter mile from the house. If my street went through, it would be two blocks away, and I could walk to church.

Life is good.

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